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June 13, 2016 Comments Off on 5 Risks You Must Take To Be Successful In Your Career | TimesJobs Views: 129 Driving Force, In The News, Life At Work, Sense of Ownership

5 Risks You Must Take To Be Successful In Your Career | TimesJobs

As featured on TOI Online | TJInsite | Story Filed by Apeksha Kaushik, Bureau in Sept 2014.

Risks are an investable part of a successful career. Unless you take certain risks you cannot be successful. Many successful leaders/entrepreneurs have spoken about why one needs to face their fears and take more chances for a successful career.

Career decisions are the most crucial decisions of one’s life and most of these decisions involve risk-taking. We tend to view risk-taking negatively but some risks do pay-off in the long run. Never Grow Up, lists some of them for our readers:

Be the first to step up: Take initiative. Be the one person people can depend on. Make your enthusiasm contagious. Rise to the occasion because luck favors the one who takes the first step into unchartered waters.

Step out of your comfort zone: You pick a job. They pick you. Then, you are given a role that defines you. You toil day and night to become the best in your area. You understand everything about your department but very little about how other supporting departments work. Therein lies your downfall. No one will want to promote a fish in a pond, who does not have an idea of how the ocean operates. Go out there and learn something new.

Unlearn, relearn: It’s fast, efficient and optimal. The patterns are set and why would you want to unsettle things that are running smoothly? Why look at a new perspective? We’d say, why not? What if someone has a better, faster or cheaper way of getting the same job done? This would lead to an improved level of success. Unseen opportunities often come when you take the risk to relearn and unlearn.

Have a voice: Don’t play it safe. If you are in a meeting and your boss asks for an opinion, don’t be afraid about making a mistake or being cross-questioned. A lot of times people shy away from responding wondering how others will react to their ideas. Remember, no successful person achieved greatness by sitting on the bench. What if your boss actually ends up liking the idea?

Fail and be good at it: Accept that by following the above steps you may occasionally fail. Don’t let the fear of people judging you or the act of failure deter you from reaching your true potential. Success won’t fall into your lap, you have to pursue it. We learn from our risks and those lessons take us onto a better, brighter path. [Read Full Article]


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