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8 Snacks To Boost Productivity !

Irrespective of whether you carry a lunch box or eat out at the canteen, a proper meal is essential. But to supplement the same, one should also munch in between. If the immediate thought that came to your mind was that packet of wafers next to the water filter, you need to re-think! Dieting is not a crucial factor as long as you choose to eat healthy. Eating healthy also needs to be complemented by avoiding junk food, the two are mutually exclusive! Avoid pizzas, burgers, sodas and anything that is likely not homemade. Once in a while is luxury, every other day is addiction.

Here are a few ‘food items’ that you can use as snacks to keep up your energy and productivity levels at work.

#1 – Dry Fruits – Cashew nuts, raisins, almonds, walnuts and many more are easy to munch as snacks in between meals. These help maintain the hunger cravings and at the same time are a rich source for energy. Plus you can carry these in small boxes so don’t fuss about having to carry a huge lunch box. Ok?

#2 – Dark Chocolate – Yumm! This devine ingredient contains caffeine and antioxidants that are known to be a source for concentration boosts. It helps you stimulate the nerve cells of the brain thus enhancing your ability to think actively. Besides, it’s somewhat sweet!

#3 – Yogurt – Yummy and creamy, it actually contains bacteria that not only helps in digestion but is also a rich source of vitamins and energy. Besides, it comes in multiple flavors to satiate your taste buds. Consuming one a day would be good enough for starters.

#4 – Eggs – Boiled, poached, scrabbled, in curry or in salads, and eggs in any form are filling and energizing. A complete indulgence and yet nutritious.

#5 – Fresh Fruits and Veggies – Be it apple, kiwi or papaya; or broccoli, carrots or cucumber, fruits and vegetables can always be munched on. Salads are a great source of nutrients and energy. Avoid before or after your meals; instead, have them in between. That way, your tummy will be grateful of not being empty at any given point of time.

#6 – Brown Rice – Eating rice at least once during the meals (preferably during lunch) provides the body with the appropriate amount of nourishment. If you have decided to eat heavy, make sure that it is healthy.

#7 – Whole Grains versus Yeast – Choose a chapati made from flour over a slice of bread that contains yeast. If you feel the craving to eat bread-butter-jam, try the same combo with a chapati instead. And if push comes to shove, opt for brown bread.

#8 – Green Tea – Perfect to the T! No milk, no cream, preferably, no sugar either. If you really cannot stand it, add a little bit of honey, squeeze a slice of lemon and voila!

Last but not the least, every doctor’s and every mother’s sane advice to her child – drink lots of water! Did you ever notice how a gulp of plain water can help soothe the grumbling noises in your tummy until you get the opportunity to devour your food? Remember that a little bit of precaution won’t cramp eating habits. In fact, these changes will help you stay fit and be more productive.

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