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February 7, 2018 Comments Off on Implication of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources Views: 333 HR Tech & Start-Ups

Implication of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

The integration of technology and Human Resource has brought about a massive change in the way HR professionals function today. The latest recruitment tools and gamification has helped simplify and evolve this space. The latest term existing in this field is Artificial Intelligence. Almost every professional today has adopted the digitalised way to record data and insights across organizations. This not only helps in reduced risk, but also undertake meaningful decisions when it comes to talent management and acquisition.

AI  has entered this department and restructured the way professionals recruit, function and engage. It has the potential to bring about a tremendous transformation in the space by personalizing learnings and training for employees, simplify scheduling and employee performance and an enhanced recruitment procedure. To know more about the advantages of implementing it in this space, click here.

According to a survey, since Employee Engagement programs helps in boosting organization’s revenue by 26%, it’s evident that adopting the modern technology and it’s solutions will lead to a strengthened team with long term benefits.

Here are certain things that will transform how HR will work hand in hand with technology.


When a lot of public data and records need to be saved and sorted in a systematic way, blockchains come to rescue. Employers can save data of the employees, their information and data together through blockchain. It’s an easier and faster method of finding data when necessary due to ease in accessibility.

Virtual Reality:

Trainings & Induction will happen through visuals that employees can look and learn from. Virtual Reality enables employees to get a feel of the workspace & understand work culture better. This provides a better insight to the potential employees by extending a first-hand experience to what the organization is about.

Augmented Reality:

Companies like Google glass, Lenovo, Blackberry use Augmented Reality in their training programs today. They are the first few companies to have bid goodbye to the traditional training methods. Augmented Reality enhances learning as it gives a learner 3D experience into learning.

Analyse Video Interview:

While Skype & Video Interviews are common, HireVue is going to launch a technique that will analyse a video interview. They provide a 12-minute short report of the analysis from  the candidate responses, to eye contact and gestures.  This helps employers to recruit better.

Machine Learning:

Artificial Intelligence runs as per algorithms that have been fit in and follows commands. Machine learning on the other hand is studying these patterns & algorithms so as to predict data. It will be used in the HR space to predict attrition rates based on employee satisfaction surveys & work productivity. It will be used as a predictive analysis tool.

Artificial Intelligence will not take away jobs, it will reduce the redundant work & help the work force focus better on employees.

To know more about HR trends and technology, click here.

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