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Why Does Every Employee Need a Mentor at Work | Indian Management Magazine

Has it ever happened that you have diligently strived for a month on a statistical report and then suddenly realized that the expectations from you were completely different? And then, has that moment of enlightenment coupled with an absolute bad day at work where your presentation was not pitch perfect (obviously, because you got the data all wrong since you had nobody to guide you). Where the internet decided to play hooky, and the coffee tasted worse than dark chocolate?

Do you think a constant feedback could have helped? And that too a full 360degree feedback! Imagine the kind of results that your research could have then yielded. The kind of impact that you could have made. All because you had an experienced support directing you on the right path.

Ladies and gentlemen, there have often been moments when each one of us have felt like a lost soul amidst all the cluttered files and enormous data records at the workplace. Where we crave for an ounce of encouragement, a brief sense of recognition, where somebody can help set the right sail to our ship.

Sounds familiar? Well, that is precisely the criteria that would outline the job description of a mentor at the workplace! An experienced and trusted advisor. One who leads by example, helps sharpen our decisionmaking skills, and one who doesnt shy away from giving critical feedback. Mentors often wears many hats. And during their journey, leave behind a treasure chest of learnings. Each one of us can benefit from having a mentor at the workplace. Heres why.

An Unbiased Goalvisor

Disengaged employees eventually become detractors, dissatisfied with the organization and more likely, with their jobs. This can also lead to a negative image of the company in the market. It thus becomes an organizations prerogative to help its employees achieve their career goals. And we kid you not when we say that having a support system makes all the difference.

Dr. Seuss From there to herefrom here to therefunny things are everywhere!

Dont we all seek a Dr. Seuss in our work life? That voice of sanity that unfailingly gives us a wakeup call every once in a while and persuades us to acknowledge our undermined potential. One who challenges us to think for ourselves, who guides us to unlock our potential, and who helps in breaking things down for our growth’.

Analytics Personified

We humans are classically conditioned to be unreceptive towards feedback. Especially if it means having to rework; irrespective of the quantum. But occasionally, we all need to empty our cupsan unlearn, to learn something new. Enter Analytics Personified With a been there done that attitude, an individual who doesnt tell you what to do, but lets you explore every possible opportunity by yourself. Who pushes you off the cliff, only after ensuring that you have a wellfunctioning parachute.

Fortune 500 companies have initiated mentorship programs into their employees onboarding process. Why? Because they understand the importance of Starting Young’. Just like a startup that works best when coached, every individual can reach new heights, if rightly tapped into their hidden potential.

The Cultural Dilemma

Its the process of initiating the sense of ownership that comes with trust. We often meet new people without understanding the value of collaboration. We do emphasize on networking, but at the cost of forgoing the power of our diversity. These are not just words. These are defining behaviours. Pillars on which an entire empire has been established. A legacy that is being entrusted to the next generation.

The companys policy document may state it, but a mentor is the one who enforces it, in a very subtle, yet impactful manner. Peter Drucker states it the best – ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Having somebody to count on, means learning processes and embracing the work culture faster. Which in turn compliments ones productivity at work, and drives the passion to excel

The Social Network

Almost 50% of employees suffer from anxiety today. The anxiety of not doing things right’. Imagine if you needed a referral really bad to crack a deal. You check with all your personal connections and yet, fail to garner any leads. But then, right at the crossroads, you candidly discuss your situation with somebody over a cup of coffee, and in the very next moment, you have a solution to your problem in your inbox.

Do you believe that making your mark professionally becomes easier, if you know where the opportunities lie? Learning from the right set of people and being connected to the right group of influencers helps climb up the ladder smoothly. Its not always about how many people follow you on LinkedIn or how many testimonials you have against your name. Its also about how many quality connections have you made that have helped you sustain your business, as well as grow as an individual.

A Third Eye

Blind spot is a common phenomenon that often occurs due to work pressure. When we face a thinking blockand end up creating more problems instead of seeking out solutions, a mentor acts like a funnel, facilitating filtration.

A different perspective is essential at all roadblocks. Especially, when it comes to assessments and executions. Every situation has two sides. Fears can seep in anytime from anywhere. The fear of missing out on deadlines, not delivering quality, or even getting thrashed by the competition. At times like these, when somebody helps you establish a balanced integration, works like a pack of ice cubes on a tense set of nerves.

Being Humane

Its easier to grab a book and learn about the techniques of communicating, or the art of selling. But what happens when you are asked to conduct an actual conversation? In schools, we have a teacher who disseminates good values. At the workplace, we have a mentor. Even after putting in our heart and soul, there comes a phase in our career when we try hard to draw a line between pride and vanity. When we need a reality check before success gets to our head.

Keeping us rooted to our fundamentals and ensuring that we never compromise on our integrity. Helping us build our credibility the right way and through the right channels, treating everybody with equal respect, and investing in nurturing our EQ over sharpening our IQ, are the salient attributes of a good mentor.  

The ultimate responsibility of a mentor is their Consistent Learners Hat’ – Its like saying that when you train somebody else, you also simultaneously sharpen your own survival skills. A good mentor is always in the quest for more More challenges, more responsibilities, more experiences. And knows exactly when to take off the helping pedals from our wheels, equally contributing towards our professional, as well as personal development. Learned individuals will never hesitate from passing on the baton with pride. An employee who has experienced the joy of mentorship, will always be a source of positivity, and will voluntarily pass on the same to his/her peers.

Mentors Incentivise the Idea of Inspiration

In today’s world where an expertise in soft skills is being sought over academical achievements, it becomes extremely crucial to stay constantly updated, as well as upgraded. A study by Forbes in January 2017 emphasized that Millennials planning to stay with their employer for more than five years are twice as likely to have a mentor (68%) than not (32%).’

Chat bots and digital marketeers have not yet been able to replace the need for oneonone mentoring. Because no machine can ever replace the value that a personal, firsthand experience can provide. And admit it, mundane Mondays can always be spiced up from a task that pushes you out of your comfort zone!

Employees who selfrealize that the company cares for them, turn out to be far more engaged professionals, and will thus become value ambassadors, percolating the positive work culture. Ultimately, its not just about attracting the right kind of talent and empowering your existing workforce. Its also about sustaining the existing talent, while ensuring productivity and a seamless culture of high performance.

This article first appeared on the print publication of Indian Management Magazine.

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