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Managing Your Biggest Asset !

Any organization’s productivity is measured not only in terms of employee satisfaction, but also the commitment to remain with the company. How do you really gauge that besides the yearly surveys? It’s Simple. The very attitude of your employee will tell you. If the measure of an employee’s positive or negative emotional attachment to the job, colleagues and organization or employer can be stated as employee engagement [EE] , then #EE has  three basic angles:

  • Employees and their own unique psychological makeup and experience.
  • The employers and their ability to create the conditions that promote employee engagement.
  • Interaction between employees at all levels.

Human Resource practitioners believe that the engagement challenge has a lot to do with how the employee feels about the work experience and how the company treats him/her as an employee. Therein lie all the answers. Thus, elaborating on the organisation’s vision, priorities and success measures and clearly explaining what an organisation expects from employees is the starting point.

Engaged employees are builders – they are eager to know what the employer expects from them in the capacity of their role and wants to fulfill them. Their performance is mostly at consistently high levels. Such employees desire to use their talents and strengths. They are passionate about what they do and always try to find innovative ways to help their organisation progress.

Organisations should therefore take it upon themselves the task of creating a culture and environment conducive to employer-employee friendship; that would lead to a win-win situation. It should be a mutually beneficial relationship. Remember. Engaged is as Engaged does.

On the other hand, if employees do not feel valued, they tend to get distracted and do not concentrate on the goals that are important for the development of the company. They always want to be told exactly what they are supposed to do with the intention to do it. Employees may also feel that their efforts are being overlooked and that their potential is not being used to the fullest.

One can only but start with some of the advantages engaged employees bring to the table. For starters,

  • They are normally self-motivated and perform better.
  • They provide satisfactory services to customers and therefore help build a positive public image of the company.
  • A sense of loyalty and trust that they have for the company
  • They stay with the company, be the company’s advocate and its different products and services, thus contributing to the business’ success

What can you do as a company ? Tedious repetitive tasks can cause burnout and lead to boredom after a period of time. Providing variety and introducing diversity by rotating duties or changing areas of responsibility can help break the monotony.

Conducting periodic interventions can prove to be helpful in communicating good news, new challenges, and company related financial information. Managers and supervisors should be comfortable while communicating with their staff. They should also encourage constructive sessions of giving and receiving feedback.

Try knowing about your employees’ interests, goals and also things that stress them out. Show them that you are concerned about their well-being and help them maintain a balance between work and life.

Remember, for long have we searched for answers outside. When in reality, the answers lie within!


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