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Pamper The Papa – Polish Those Paternity Policies

Fatherhood is perhaps the most unique responsibility that any man could ask for. We’ve grown up swaying to the tunes of the song, ‘Papa kehte hai bada naam karega’  and been floored by characters like Papa Smurf.

The moment between Patrick and Papa Smurf sums up the crux of being a papa:

Patrick: Doesn’t it freak you out sometimes? I mean, all those little guys depending on you… I mean, what if you screw up? How do you know when you’re ready?

Papa: Let me ask you something: why did you come for us today when your Grace called?

Patrick: She needed me, and I heard it in her voice.

Papa: That’s what being a papa is. It comes time, you just do.

So what can we as organizations do to quell the fears and help out the ‘new dad’ in our square

Check out these six papa friendly policies that companies can incorporate as a part of their paternal leave policies.

  • Train The Papa: Fatherhood is a mixed package. There is fear, excitement, uncertainty, huge responsibility and a bundle of joy. Providing classes or lessons or giving them first hand exposure at a crèche may help them deal with their impending fatherhood in better manner. All during the office hours and expense. Of course!
  • Catch Up With Sleep At Work: Sleep deprivations are part and parcel of parenthood. The man has to stay up with the pregnant wife out of solidarity or to do his bit when the newborn is up in the night frolicking at his/her leisure. In either case, we’ve a sleep deprived employee at our hands. Give them a couple of hours of sound sleep and watch them thrive at work in sheer gratitude.
  • Share The Experience And The Joy: A new father is like an excited child. Every little discovery with the baby fills them with wonder and awe. As bosses, colleagues and team, lending them an ear and listening about their most important role in life will help them warm up and focus on work when they don’t feel they’ve cut off their personal life from their time at work.
  • Shed Or Share The Workload: Empathy is the basis of this move. If many months of paid or unpaid leave isn’t going to work with the organization, then the least you can do is shed the workload for the new daddy or pitch in to share the work. This move is going to bring you a very loyal employee in your kitty.
  • Work From Where Ever And When Ever: Parenthood is synonymous with erratic schedules and patterns. There is no knowing when or what a parent has to do. Giving the guy the opportunity to work from home or a nearby park or anywhere which is not an office cubicle will help them get work done and also ease the stress. Skip the timings too as long as the deadlines are dealt with.
  • An Early Pay Cheque: Last but not the least, money matters! Entry into the fatherhood begins with hospital bills, prenatal care, the delivery, vaccines etc and all at the odd times of the month where liquid cash may be a tricky concern. Ease those troubles of your new dad and let them get their salary in advance in the honour of his new title.

Fathers are known as the bankers provided by the nature. Helping them nurture in that role and providing them support should be a key clause in all the organizations. After all, parenthood is a phenomenal experience for those who experience it. Hence, a toast to fatherhood and all those smurfin’ papas!

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