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Surviving Without Technology At Work

One Monday morning, huffing and panting when Aditya walked into the office, he saw something that left him astounded. The peons, the receptionist, his colleagues, nobody was at their desk!

Was he too early? No! It was already 9.10a.m; he was late instead. Where was everybody? He left his bag at his desk and headed towards the washroom to freshen up. On his way, he heard a commotion.

He moved in its direction, only to see three-fourth of the office gathered in the cafeteria. Was it a training day? Was it somebody’s birthday? What was it?

He forgot his traveling fatigue for a moment and proceeded to greet everybody. What he further saw, was even more puzzling.

Everybody had a writing pad in front of them and were fiercely scribbling something. When he entered, he heard whispers in the air. Suddenly somebody was giggling and the very next minute everybody rose to their feet and began clapping in his welcome.

Was it his birthday today? He wondered? No! The last time he checked it was still months away. What else could it be?

Suddenly, he saw his boss walking towards him and the room eerily turned silent. The boss greeted him and asked him to join the clan. He then explained that everybody was given the task of ‘writing an email’… On a sheet of paper.

Wait! What? Not amongst the ones to argue, Aditya quietly grabbed a writing pad and got started at framing his subject. Almost fifteen minutes later, all the sheets of paper were collected. When Aditya glanced around the table, he couldn’t spot a single sheet of paper without any scribbling!

Aditya wondered whether the invention of MS Word had really hampered the human thinking process… Just then, breaking his line of thought, the next task was announced.

Everybody was asked to compulsorily turn off their mobile phones, keep them aside, and close their eyes. After a few seconds there was a faint sound ‘tak…tak…tak…’ as if somebody was hitting onto something… Could it possibly be a door?

When they opened their eyes, they saw a giant life size typewriter sitting in the middle of the cafeteria! Where did that come from?

The boss then continued to call out names of people from various department and began forming teams. Each team was given a message to be typed out and every individual in the team had to represent one alphabet.

‘What is it with today?’ wondered Aditya. Somewhat apprehensive, he did as instructed and it took about an hour for all the teams to get done. Surprisingly, nobody could complete the challenge.

‘Boy! Our fingers are so used to T9 mode’ said Deepa. ‘Yeah! I almost forgot my spellings and jumbled my punctuation!’ added Pradip.

Everybody was excited about these new developments at the workplace. The boss announced a tea break of fifteen minutes and while the others lingered around to socialize, Aditya finally headed over to the washroom.

He splashed some cold water on his face. But when he blinked his eyes, he was no more at the office. He was lying on the bed in his room, staring at the fan on the ceiling and the clock had just struck seven!

It was a dream after all! A crazy one that too… What triggered it? His phone that about five seconds ago flashed “Battery Empty”.

Imagine if there was no electricity for a day? If that’s too much, think about the power shut downs that happen for a couple of hours. No electricity equals no Wi-Fi (unless of course everybody has a personal dongle) and no internet means work life dependency going for a toss! Aditya sighed in the realization that in today’s era, a day without technology is as good as a ‘no work’ day and went back to curling up in his cozy bed in the quest of catching those five minutes of extra sleep!

A short story by Never Grow Up

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