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Time & Stress Management At Workplace

Whats your stress buster?

Have you ever come to a phase in life where you find yourself staring at a blank white wall? You are so tempted to pick up cans of random coloured paint. And create an abstract masterpiece in the name of art. While all you secretly crave is to vent out without being questioned or counselled?

Do you ever wish life had a rewind button, where you could go back in time and do things differently? Or a fast forward button, that will speed up the current unplanned and unorganized happenings? There is just so much to do. And so little time. Work deadlines keep piling up. Movies keep releasing. Children grow up too fast. Grocery prices randomly sky rocket overnight. No accurate life goals, no determined direction, no final destination. Just a lumpy of sense of apprehension that keeps surfacing every alternate day; even ruining your TGIF moment!

Yes! You are guessing it right! It is indeed that moment when things begin to accumulate and tiny lines of frown begin to appear on your forehead. When the nasty monster called Stressraises its ugly head to give you a wakeup call.

The ultimate complaint

Honey, could you please pick up a loaf of bread on your way home?

Sir, did you manage to check the presentation I emailed you a couple of days ago?

Hey son! Did you read up on GST?

All questions lead to the same answer: “I am too stressed. I do not have the time.”

How do we manage to get so stressed?

Where does all the time evaporate?

How do we never manage to finish things on time?

The list of problematic questions is endless. And eventually, they even begin to sound rhetorical. But why is it that nobody talks of a definite solution? Could there possibly be a guaranteed way to UnSTRESS?

Well, psychologically, the Perceived Stress Scale is a commonly used instrument for measuring the perception of stress in an individual. But if you need some quick an instant relief techniques to destress at work, here are a few tips:

A Lunch date with Russel Peters

Laughter indeed is ranked high when it comes to acting as a stress buster. It relaxes your muscles, smoothens your frowns and melts away the knots building up within your nervoussystem. It doesnt have to be Russel Peters. Take your pick. But spend at the least ten minutes Laughing Out Loud. In actuality. Instead of merely typing LOL on your Whatsapp chat groups.

Read Doodle Scribble

When the workload shoots up, take a quick break, before the brain shuts down. The reason we all drew caricatures of our professors back in college days was not because we were bored in class or wanted to pursue art. It is scientifically proven that the simple act of drawing a straight line on a blank sheet of paper helps calm the knots in your mind. Art is a form of therapy. Doodling, the mark of a creative genius.

The 202020 rule

Move from your seat, take a walk, stretch, every once in a while. Eat a 20:20 cookie if it makes you happy! But every 20 minutes, take a 20second break and focus your eyes on something at least 20 feet away. Give the poor laptop a break. Make yourself a cup of tea, or simply stand by the window and watch the raindrops falling outside the window. The change of scenery will definitely do you some good.

Time and stress management indeed go hand in hand. Want to be able to manage stress better? Learn to prioritize your time. Want to destress? Make time for everything on your todo list. Most importantly, MAKE A TODO LIST. Majorly because it helps when you uncheck the items off it. The mantra is simple. The trick lies in what route you pick to get work done.

As for a permanent solution to destressing? The most tried and tested way is to cultivate a hobby!

Cooking. Gardening. Fishing. Playing a sport. Joining a dance class. Swimming. Engage in a physical activity that requires you to move away from the confined space of four walls. The soul needs nourishment and the mind needs some peace to relax. The stress will burst itself.

Remember what the great Bill Watterson said:

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want” – Calvin and Hobbes

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