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May 30, 2016 Comments Off on Work Life Balance is Dead! Time to Chuck the Scales with Blend. Views: 212 Work Culture, Work Environment, Work Life Blend

Work Life Balance is Dead! Time to Chuck the Scales with Blend.

The cookie mix was just right. I didn’t have to weigh and measure the individual ingredients to whisk a bunch of comforting essentials. Phew! Such a simple process and I had a perfect batch of twelve to keep me going for a week. Week?! She sighed.

No different from your story, the endless office and personal propositions ran through her mind. Shaina wished for a perfect mix for her life too! Her case is barely different from what each one of us has experienced.

It is a daunting task that we set up for ourselves everyday. That to strike a balance between our professional and personal lives. The task of not letting the scale tilt on either side and to have the “clichéd”concept of perfect balance is nothing short of expecting a miracle.

Frankly, Work Life Balance is Dead! If you are in the digital age, know this. It is dead. It’s no longer about brushing your teeth but checking your email as you sheepishly slide out of your bed after having checked it only 5 to 6 hours ago.

It’s interesting to know that the miracle concept that haunts the daylights of many working individuals has a simplistic origin. It all goes back to when one government initiated changes and brought in laws to ensure that their people had time to spend with their families and for other leisure/recreation activities. They reduced the maximum work hours per week to 40 and the various policies for working mothers were brought into effect. This was not in India.

As a concept, work life balance is about a concept of prioritizing between work and lifestyle. This cohort did jobs to ensure a steady income which would enable them to support and provide for their families. Hence, people at large, strived to strike a balance.

The mantra today with millenials is to blend. We seek a blend between our work and personal lives. Our career choices are evolved from the things that we’re truly passionate about as people and not merely engaged in to earn money. It is more possible to turn work on and off at will. It is a matter determined by our choice.  If we love what we do, the difference we make and the growth we achieve in our individual fields is immensely satisfying.

Our hectic schedules may not necessarily leave us to plan elaborate holidays or family times. The idea is to fill the pockets creating a blend. For instance, a day might be filled with meetings but somewhere in the midst of your work schedule, you walk down to a cinema hall, catch up on a movie or a play. You focus on children when they’re awake and attend to work related stuff during their sleep time. These little yet conscious efforts aided by technology have made it possible for people to transcend all barriers and manage commitments at both fronts. After all, it is about doing what truly counts and makes you happy.

Eventually, it’s to rise above these terms, to evolve, and focus on getting the right individual mix for ourselves. The idea is to concoct our blend with the ingredients that we love best and not with those that belong to our friends or colleagues.

So, let us leave you with a question. What’s your recipe for Work Life Blend?

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