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March 31, 2015 Comments Off on 8 Recruitment Mistakes To Avoid Views: 372 Leadership

8 Recruitment Mistakes To Avoid

Recruitment 101 | Take a step back and tell us what do you think the phrase ‘Fish out of water’ means? Is it an awkward situation? The feeling of being left out? Or simply being a mis-match? How could a similar situation arise at work? A colleague who complains of being stuck in the wrong job. Somebody you know at work consistently performing below average. A new joinee leaving within the first couple of months of joining. Flashbacks? If one is to consider ‘thought before action’ its obvious that when you begin correctly, you succeed more evidently. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while recruiting.

#8 – The ‘We’re Hiring’ Signboard.

If you want to skip the horrendous task of having to sift through irrelevant CV’s, make sure you post your ‘Vacancy Ad’ via the Company ID on a platform that is taken more seriously [like LinkedIn] rather than advertising from your ‘personal’ account on Facebook. Social media has a tremendous reach, explore it wisely. That’s not all, it would be great to mention the type of person you are looking for and not just the opening.

#7 – Stringency before leniency.

Your company has an evaluation ‘process’ for a reason. Be it a Personal Interview or a Group Discussion, make sure the candidate you are considering has undergone the whole deal and you have noted down your observations for every situation. It makes the comparison and elimination a lot easier. By all means, go by your gut. But not at the cost of taking short-cuts.

#6 – Transparency goes a long way.

Be it the job description, the CTC, the work hours or the additional job responsibilities that may pop up; make sure your candidate knows exactly what’s in the package. This not only can act as a reality check for the candidate but for you as well. Employees are smart enough to look beyond the CTC breakup so be clear about what they will take home. It helps.

#5 – Right personna, wrong skills.

If you have two vacancies, and while recruiting for an opening in sales [because the pressure is greater]  you find a candidate better matched for PR, then take a call. Tell this to the company and the candidate and ask both to keep options open. No point hiring a tiger and asking him to eat grass. Get the picture?

#4 – Recruit a Cultural fit.

Unless you are looking at rapid disruption and change, recruit a ‘cultural fit’. Many a times people just cannot seem to adjust to certain work environments. Imagine a person who thinks pure logic being stuck with a bunch of people who love to think out of the box? You have a strong team because there is one binding factor, and the new joinee needs to feel at ease with the rest of the clan.

#3 – Succumb to pressure.

If the evaluation process takes time, so be it. Do not rush picking on someone just because you have work pending or because business pressure requires you. Recruiting the wrong person simply because you want the monkey off your back will cause you more pain in the days to come.

#2 – Jumping in the pool.

Do not judge a book by its cover. If you feel the candidate has potential but are apprehensive, offer them a job as an intern or on probation, before proposing a permanent full time position on the payroll. Let them test the waters before making a commitment; it definitely seems a better option than regretting later.

#1 – Train your consultant. 

Nobody knows your company, values and structure better than you. If you are considering hiring an external recruitment agency, make sure they understand what you stand for and who can be a fit. Ensure that they pass on the right information and do not paint a picture that you do not represent. This can save you a bucket full of agony when you actually meet the candidate.

Got more to add to this list? Let us know.


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