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An Addiction to Connect

Admit it. You’ve stayed awake till midnight for the new mobile phone updates. Buying any electronic device makes you excited, sometimes even anxious, because you get to be around brand new technology and spend time researching it. And buying a new a gadget, is like finally getting that coveted candy that was always kept too high on the shelf.

Technology has become as essential as air to many of us. We spend all of our time around our devices. At work, we can’t function without a laptop. We get annoyed the minute the internet speed fluctuates. At home, we wake up to the sound of the alarm on our mobile phone. Turn it off and automatically our fingers open social media, even before our day has begun. It has become impossible for many of us to function without the internet and the feeling of being “connected” to the world.

But are we really connected to the world through technology or have we just given in to a mobile addiction? While we do reap immense benefits off the internet and technology, and if they do make our lives a lot easier, aren’t they also making us a bit too dependent on them? You too have been thinking about these questions? The fact that you are still reading through the article, is a sure shot sign that you’ve considered the possibility that you have an addiction to technology. Isn’t it?

Read on for more signs and a solution.

Jittery, angry, anxious?

Being away from your phone or your computer even for a short duration makes you feel anxious, angry, or even incomplete? Smart phones are becoming so personal and integral to our being that they have become an extension of us. They offer us quick and easy access to personal things such as photos and videos, connect us to the people we love and give us our fix of social media. But it is also crucial to remember that it is the people who we connect with that matter, and not just the medium that we use.

Headache, backache, body ache?

It isn’t just your long commute and lack of exercise that is causing all these issues. It is the time you spend in front of your computer at work, the posture of your body when you are lying in bed playing that game on your phone, or just the pure lack of movement because you order everything online. While technology may help you stimulate your mind, your physical health is equally important. Take that walk to the market instead of ordering your vegetables online. Remember how fun it was to play cricket with the kids in your housing society? Revisit the feeling, connect with other mediums that bring you joy, beyond the virtual world. The best way to stay away from health problems is to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

What day is it? What time is it?

Have you ever felt like you have lost track of time? Maybe while playing your favourite game or binging on your favourite web series?  Have you ever been so engrossed in an excel sheet that you even left your phone unanswered? All this time that we spend on the internet may seem like it has passed by very quickly, but the fact is that it takes a toll on your mind. It leads to a disturbed sleep pattern and those physical symptoms of technological addiction that are mentioned above. A better way to lose track of time maybe to go on a short vacation over the weekend, and truly give yourself a break.

When did that happen?

If internet and technology is becoming an addiction for you, there is a good chance that you are missing out on the other things in life. Like socializing, consuming healthy food, spending time with your family, catching up on world news, etc. If your conversations have made you feel like you have missed out on important events, it is about time that you use technology to your benefit. Schedule time off, make plans with you family, catch up on news and do all of this NOT on social media.

There are many more signs that can indicate technology addiction or overuse. But do you really need a check list? Ask yourself when was the last time you unplugged to connect with someone or something and you shall have your answer.

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