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June 13, 2016 Comments Off on The Art of Bunking Work Views: 527 People First

The Art of Bunking Work

If you are among the crowd that lives in the +5:30 GMT, you are now faced with an eternal dilemma. With interesting soccer world cup matches around the corner, you may find yourself asking questions like ‘Should I just bunk work so that I sleep through the day and catch-up on the matches?’ In case you have had a tough time deciding, here is a list of interesting leave excuses to Bunk work! Looks like attendance will be low this month!

Oh yes! Before we share the list remember three things:

  1. Confidence – Don’t falter while talking. If necessary rehearse. You can sound sick but do so with confidence.
  2. Be realistic – Your dog cannot delete the research document on your laptop. Also, if you are strong enough to travel 20 miles to the nearest doctor and come back alone, you can pretty much make it to work.
  3. Cover your tracks – Some people tend to go all out to check if you are bluffing so remember to use these ideas at your own risk and have a solid alibi. Here is a list of excuses though.
  • My Mind and Body are in constant conflict since morning. Mind wants me to attend work, but my body wants to chill! Guess my Body won the fight.
  • I have a terrible ‘head + back + foot ache’ combo. Can I work from home today please? This one is so obvious that it’s convincing.
  • Allergic Reactions to exotic jelly fish you made me eat last week at the office party.
  • You are locked in your own car hence only reachable on phone. [Not in person]
  • Your closest maternal-aunts first cousins-sister’s best friend has met with an accident and you are the SOS Contact!
  • Your imaginary friend has just found kryptonite and you need to check if Superman exists!
  • Your local neighbourhood SERIAL KILLER is waiting for you outside your door and it would therefore, be detrimental to your safety to try and get to work

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