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The Lost Art Of Writing Letters

Ever tried writing in a straight line on a blank sheet of paper? In a handwriting that can be claimed as legible?

Yes, it takes effort. But more importantly, it takes patience.

In the current digitalized world, we are passively getting addicted to a lifestyle and language barrier of 140 characters. In a situation where the T9 dictionary makes life easier and decodes our voice into words, how can it be expected of us to move back to traditional methods? And why?

Writing a ‘neat’ letter is much more difficult than making a ‘quirky’ presentation. While you have the option of using the classic ‘Delete’ option on the laptop, try stopping your pen from scribbling on a spotlessly clean sheet of paper! Hence, let’s get straight to the point of why we need to bring back the Lost Art Of Writing Letters’.

A Great Positive Indulgence

It gives you the opportunity to indulge in a new hobby. Something that helps pull your mind drowned amidst a pool of deadlines and makes it more creative.

Remember in kindergarten when teachers insisted we use a book with three lines? Do you recollect how cursive writing the alphabets a multiple times was supposed to help us improve our handwriting? That’s how! Amidst a stressful pile of to-do lists, when you desperately seek a breather, the most calming therapy is cursive writing! More commonly known as Calligraphy.

Cultivate a new hobby and show off in style! It’s easy to learn and gets easier with practice.

Its Different, Because Its Personal

When you pick up a scented sheet of paper and decide to add a few sparkling stars to it, mix it with words that resonate thoughtfulness, and garnish it with a postal stamp, you are giving somebody the ultimate gift of ‘your time.’

Inculcating humility in your thoughts, when you begin penning down your random musings, it sub-consciously builds upon your patience as a virtue. Establishing a sense of anticipation of how the receiver of your letter would react, is indeed very exciting.

If distance makes the heart grow fonder, then letters make relationships stronger. Bring back the good old school days. Seek out random strangers and become pen pals. It’s the most liberating feeling to be able to express to a random stranger you haven’t even met. Draw, sketch, doodle, paint, use fancy stationary. Use cuts-outs from magazines, go wild with the art and craft!

Every Tiny Effort Is A Feel Good Factor

Consider the thought. It is not simply a letter that you are writing ‘for someone else’. But it is also a memory that you are also creating for ‘yourself’. Something that they can Touch. Feel. Preserve. It’s a gesture that says you care.

Apart from activating your ‘Right’ Brain, the one that oversees all the functioning of internal creativity and randomness, writing a letter makes you more adept at multiple aspects. Did you know that while you were concentrating upon producing a neatly hand-written letter, your mind simultaneously gathered the aesthetics of how your words would look on the sheet of paper? Without even knowing, your sense of design was being honed.

And to top it all, imagine being able to attach a battered photograph that you have preserved since seventh standard. Or that first rose that you have been meaning to give her since high school. Or asking your folks to send across the photocopy of your first pay cheque that you have been meaning to get laminated.

A box of memorabilia indeed! Take the first step, UNPLUG!

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