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Binge Your Way To Progress

The binge season has officially begun. With Game Of Thrones dominating the social media, entertainment news, and everyone’s television (and laptop) screens, it is impossible to escape the fever. This year, it started with the House of Cards Season 5, where the Underwoods were desperately trying to hold on to their power. Soon after that came Orange is the New Black’s latest season which finally resolved the cliff hanger. And now Game of Thrones Season 7. No words shall be spoken about it as you might just stop reading, thinking that we are headed towards spoilers. Worry not, there will be no spoilers in this article.

Almost a decade ago, the legends hit our screens and changed the way we perceived television series. They made us believe in stories which were far away from our worlds, and yet they created connections that are almost impossible to let go. They made us understand ourselves better, as every character became more real by the episode. Suddenly the characters on our screens were more like us, not perfect but trying.

One of the many unique things about these dramas and comedies that we’ve binged on, is the fact that they leave us with a lesson if we are careful enough to notice it. From the Khaleesi to Harvey Spector, every single character has something to teach, and has qualities that can only inspire us. Their lives and ours share some similarities, their struggles and ours aren’t very different. Let’s talk about some of our favourite series and the lessons that they have left us with.

Leadership – Game of Thrones

From the North to the Free Cities, seems like the men and women in Westeros were born for leadership. While Jon Snow wins people over by showcasing his talent and charisma, Daenerys Targaryen is the able and kind hearted leader, who always fights for the right thing and ensures justice for everyone. These characters display strong qualities of a good leader – ability, confidence, integrity, passion, inspiration, and above all courage.

Game of thrones

Diversity & Inclusiveness – Modern Family

There can be no better example of diversity and inclusiveness than the mock-umentary series, Modern Family. This show takes through the lives of Jay Pritchett and his extended family, which includes three different types of families (nuclear, step- and same-sex). The diversity of the families go beyond the structure and includes different races and languages. It is the perfect example of how we can learn to live, work, and function together, irrespective of what seems like differences.


Adaptability – Downton Abbey

Set in the early and mid-1900s, this show personifies change in all aspects of life. From gender roles to technology, to war, the changing world becomes a catalyst which makes the aristocratic Crawleys, adapt to modern times. Where change meant accepting the fact that their way of life was quickly becoming a thing of the past and that they had to find new ways to survive in the new world. Not very different from our own lives, is it?


Ownership – Designated Survivor

The concept that an entire government can be wiped out in one go, leaving a non-politician in charge is intriguing to a fault. The fascinating thing about this series is not just its premise, but also Tom Kirkman’s transformation from being a simple, unassuming individual to the inspiring and capable President Of The United States. He takes the challenge of running a troubled country head on, owns his title, showcasing that no goal is too big and no post is too unreachable.


Teamwork – Orange Is The New Black

This comedy drama took a serious turn at the end of Season 4 when the Litchfield Penitentiary, a minimum security women’s prison was at the verge of a riot. The whole of Season 5 was a display of what can be achieved through teamwork. While this comedy of errors ended without a happily ever after, it was remarkable to see a bunch of diverse people team up to demand their rights. Think your team is difficult? Go straight to Netflix to understand what compromise and teamwork really means.


Persistence & Resilience – House of Cards

Nothing manages to break the Underwoods. Irrespective of what comes their way, they are always ready to come up with a new solution to achieve their goals. Mixed with the interesting (read confusing) world of Washington and the White House, this series is ever surprising. While we don’t endorse the means that Underwoods choose, we do commend their spirit and resilience. They never give up, they never accept defeat. It is definitely something all of us need to incorporate in our work lives.


We cannot conclude without a special mention to this historic series. Mad Men is definitely an example of what ‘not to do’ at work. From office politics to backroom romances, it displays exactly how much and how far we’ve come to make our work lives professional. Diversity, gender equality, attitudinal change, work styles, and work habits; every single thing will amaze you and will leave you appreciating our modern times even more.

Enjoy binging on these timeless classics. And while you do, share with us your favourite show that taught you something valuable. Connect with us on

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