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9 (NOT) so Horrible Bosses

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5 Bollywood Characters Every Office Has | Volume 1

1.  The ever teary-eyed Nirupa Roy


Their tear Glands are on at the drop of a hat. Whatever be the occasion – the joy of promotion or the heartache of the fight with the boss. The quiet tears are let out in the privacy of the washroom as emotions dikhana mana hain.

2.  The scheming Shakaal from Shaan


Do you remember this plotting bald villain of the 70 s movie Shaan? He exactly knows what string need to be pulled to get work done and who can influence decisions. Saam Daam Dand Bhed. Did we hear you say everything is fair in love and?

3.  The Chanakya aka Nawazuddin in Raees


Typically slightly old in the system, their brains are sharper than tez kainchi ki dhaar. In a presentation, the CEO will go wait for his inputs and he is a must attendee of all strategy meets.

4.  The Talkative Basanti


Ask her why is she leaving office early today and she will also tell you where is she going, for what, when has that place (where she is going) started, why did it so happen, why could she not go there last time and when she plans to go there next. Phew. Ear plugs, anyone?

5.  Foodie Pakoda  Daawat-E-Ishq


If you want to get anything done from this person, you know the answer. Just the aroma of food from a desk is enough for him to come running. This need not be a festive special. This can be as mundane as daal khichdi. Others fear him so much that people quickly polish off delicacies, before the news of its arrival reaches him.

Stay tuned! The second volume for the same topic will be out soon. Happy Reading!

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