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December 11, 2017 Comments Off on I Burst Out Laughing – Without Any Reason Views: 425 Managing Stress, UnPluggd

I Burst Out Laughing – Without Any Reason

When was the last time you found something randomly funny and laughed till it hurt? The last time you truly laughed without worrying about what somebody else would think of you? Or without worrying about what is stuck in your teeth!

Imagine the difference you can make in the life of a random stranger if you can successfully stir up a laughter riot. More like initiate a contagious laughter phenomenon? And all it took you, was a happy thought.

Ever been in a similar sounding situation? Well, it truly is a liberating experience. Especially, when it is an easily conjurable situation. Here’s how.

Build Your Own Sense Of Humour

Self-depreciating humour usually does the trick. Not only does it crack people up into peels of laughter, but it also makes you a stronger person. We often don’t realize that while making a mockery of ourselves, we relieve a very stressful moment in our mind. And the earlier we learn to accept it, the faster we can overcome it.

It’s the same philosophy behind why we find stand-up comedians so funny. They don’t really tickle our funny bones, as much as they make us feel that ‘we are not alone’.

Find Reasons To Laugh

Simply because it keeps the heart happy. The more you laugh, the more endorphins you release. And the more ‘feel good’ factor you have within, the more your immune system learns to cope up with strenuous situations. But you already know all of that!

Wondering how? Well, the next time you feel really frustrated, watch a 01.00 minute clip of Tom & Jerry. That’s all it will take to set you rolling with laughter and add an element of fun at work. And eventually, in the next 10 seconds, you will realize your facial muscles relaxing (which you wouldn’t even have realized were tense).

Take It A Notch Higher – Laugh Till It Aches

Let it come from deep within, and not merely from your vocal chords. A laughter rooted deep within the soul will make you feel lighter. Make use of the laugh therapy for the silliest of reasons. Play tag at your workplace, stick an angry face post-it onto the printer, keep a squeaky toy hidden near the water filter.

Harmless office pranks that will make anybody smile because one tiny smile is equivalent to the beginning of a stress relieving laughter. Read a funny quote, scrounge for a comic book, relieve your days in college with crazy photographs. Make and effort at office humour and the effect will last a bit longer.

One of the easiest fun employee activities that the entire team can undertake together to ensure a harmless laugh is Spotting Typos!

You think people laugh because it was a spelling mistake? Well think again. Most people simply find it funny. The fact that an inaccurate grammatical sentence sounds hilarious (read double meaning) can make anybody laugh, any time! Especially, if it was made during an extremely serious situation. Besides, it also improves your vocabulary.

What stops you from spending five minutes each day laughing aloud on all the instances that you have acted silly?

What stops you from relieving all your embarrassing moments because you now find them funny?

What stops you from losing all inhibitions and LOLing in the truest sense? (Laughing Out Loud, of course!)

A laughter that makes your eyes shine, and sometimes, even brings a tear to your cheek.

A laughter that ‘feels’ genuine and spreads an annoyingly infectious cheer.

A laughter that is harmless and full of life.

Imagine a world free of pain and stress because you laughed too hard. Imagine yourself laughing like a child because one fine day, you hopped, skipped and jumped in the elevator. Imagine laughing at the end of a stressful day…

To know more about Happyness At Work, click here.

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