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Never Grow Up

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Choose Quirky, Get Quirked!

Been working at a company for years now and yet, nobody seems to take you seriously? Everybody loves your ideas, but when it comes to receiving credit, somebody else holds the baton? You eagerly await words of appreciation and instead are unleashed with pearls of wisdom.

What does Enoughreally mean? Adding variety to everyday internal communications? Coming up with out of the box monthly employee engagement activities? Or planning expensive quarterly offsite? What does one really need to do to get into somebody’s good books? Sending an impactful message across, in an enjoyable way, has always been a tricky task. Well, if you have already tried everything else, here’s something really alluring in store for you! Pssssttt… It’s something your colleagues would willingly love to show off at the work place!

Drum Roll! March Pass! Presenting “Office Quirkies” (Did you too hear the echo?) A range of multi-talented merchandise. It can be treated as a birthday gift, a reward and recognition takeaway, or even a good job, well donethumps up. We give you the options of picking a favourite a small throwable coaster, an adorable poster like frame, or a mug to hold on to at times when you see red. Bright colours to light up the mood and dialogues that will relentlessly keep knocking your funny bone down. Add some sparkle to your desk and reinforce productivity at work. Make a statement, and make it in style! Log on to Office Quirkies and order an exclusively designed range of merchandise that will make the workplace come alive. We guarantee that your folks will always have a smile on their faces when they walk in and when they leave the workplace

Heres  what you can expect:


He spoke something really important for the presentation tomorrow. But you heard not a single word. You were distracted by the Bollywood poster that was on the bus, that you happened to see passing by, outside the window of your cubicle; while he was talking to you.’

That feeling right there? Captured!



It has been a while since you last met your friend the weekend. Your boss is annoyingly in a happy mood for the last month, super impressed with your work. And that can undoubtedly mean only one thing more work. You have been holding it all in and the only thing stopping you is the lack of appropriate words.’

Those right set of words? Captured!



Oh! No! Its that time of the month again! Monthly review announced, and that too on a Monday? Trying to figure what sin you committed, to deserve this? When was the last time you took the day off? Holidays is just a farfetched blur canvas in your over worked mind and you are now being called the master of commitment?

The anxiety of Appriasals coming? Captured!

Never Grow Up


Somebody ate half of the burger, somebody took the refill and left back the pen. Somebody works diligently, somebody only looks forward to the comp off. Somebody is socially hyper active and somebody is a selfacclaimed critique. How does one handle all these split personalities?

The barrage of turmoil? Captured too!

HR-820x510Simple Steps To Join The Awesomeness

  1. Decide an occasion
  2. Spend time on the website
  3. Pick a favourite
  4. Drop us a line

Please note: This activity can be carried out in any order

We accept all sorts of bulk orders. And no, we dont just stop at that level of awesomeness.You can customize these to include your logo as well! We are nice like that and completely quirky.

We believe in seizing the little moments and spreading  HappynessAtWork . We will not feel offended if you spam our inbox with inquiries and guarantee to not treat you with a classic Angry Bird retort either: Write to us at [email protected]

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