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Companies, Take Note!

The corporate world today screams “diversity and inclusion”, “employee engagement” and “work-life balance”. And while we are scrambling away to draw up new perks and benefits and engagement activities, do we take the time to see if it really is making a difference to the lives of the employees or it is making the organization look good on paper?

Companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Adobe, AOL and Intel are actually walking the talk with their various employee benefits that not only positively impact employees, but also helps them balance and integrate their professional and personal lives.


Everyone would jump if offered a job here. Why? Because Netflix doesn’t’ track their employees’ working hours or vacation days. The company believes in getting the task done and not worrying about if the employee was at home or in the office completing it. Netflix encourages their employees to take as many leaves as they want. This helps them balance and mix work and personal time as per their convenience, letting them take the afternoon off for their kid’s recital but also sending out emails at odd hours when on vacation.


This giant software company has numerous tricks and perks that keep employees happy at work and at home as well. Their meditation room and kickboxing classes ensures employees’ mental well-being. Adobe also covers vehicle maintenance and haircuts to help their employees financially. It’s the little things that help employees have a well-integrated work-life, keeping them content and more productive.


This tech mogul definitely knows the way to an employee’s heart. 24/7 fitness centres, free snacks & drinks, dry cleaning services, volleyball and basket courts and indoor games, are some of the perks provided to all employees. Being certain that some of these perks de-stress employees and boost communication between them, Intel believes that the company’s biggest asset is the people who work for them.

Employees don’t expect grand gestures but just a way to lead a happier life at work and at home. They want companies to be more understanding and respect their personal lives. Work life integration is the need of the hour and people don’t think twice between choosing a better work culture over pay. Focus on giving your employees what they want – a balanced and integrated work-life. Retain your talent and get on top of the game. You never know if your regular techie could be the next Elon Musk.

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