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June 3, 2015 Comments Off on Fostering Creativity at Work Views: 525 Life At Work

Fostering Creativity at Work

It’s a fact that a lot of us work long hours… sometimes six days a week. And then we go to sleep! Which means that majority of the time we are awake is spent in our little cubicle (or a corner office if you have one). Here’s to the thought that the right environment at work goes a long way in fostering creativity and ensuring that organizations have a happy & engaged workforce. After all, if most of the time that we are awake is spent at office, why should that space be boring?

Research shows that staff performs better when they’re happily engaged at work and this includes the environment they work in. An office with interesting and creatively done interiors is a compelling reason for people to be able to think out of the box. The right environment pushes employees to think of possibilities, gives them new perspectives to look at things which, is the stepping stone towards innovation and fresh ideas. What if one day, you walk into office and find that the chairs in your meeting room have disappeared? Instead, you find an XBox and a few bean bags or couches? Or in a corner there’s a stack of board games and other activities for team building? Now think of a contest being held on corporate gifting ideas or employee engagement ideas. Makes you go WOW right? What about an organization that hosts quarterly leadership training programs? Makes you want to switch jobs, doesn’t it?

It also makes you want to come to work the next day knowing that you are not entering a ‘cube farm’ or for that matter a dull place. In a market as competitive as ours, if fresh ideas and innovation is the key to success, then the environment in which ideas are developed goes a long way in ensuring this. A cool workspace does more than just take more pictures at work. In fact it can de-stress you (after rush hour traffic) and even inspire you to come up with solutions that work!

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