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Things Not To Say To a Client

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Everyday Situations a Client Manager Goes Through

1. When the client demands back to back changes to be implemented on every artwork on a Monday Morning.

Ab Dangal Hoga!

Never Grow Up

2. When you have 10 deadlines to be delivered in an hour

Tum apne aap ko Mughal-E-Azam aur humein anarkali samjhte ho kya? Kitna nachaoge?

Never Grow Up


3. When you are the only person attending a meeting since you called for it

Never Grow Up


4. Client Servicing be like ‘Main udna chahta hu, daudna chahta hu, but client ki nazroon mein girna nahi chahta’


5. When hearing that one feedback makes your day

Mogambo khush hua…Sunne ke liye hum tadap hi gaye the

Never Grow Up


6. That moment when you are serious around the boss

Reality: Dikhana padta hai

Never Grow Up

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