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First Day At Work Experience


“I remember walking in very nervous and very early to work. First day, I had to make an impression. I came so early that I was waiting for someone to come and open the office. Then after a few minutes Abhishek walked in, followed by Asif. It started with them joking about me coming to work so early and I was immediately put at ease. My boss seemed pretty cool!

Post that, I was given my laptop and shown around the office. I was to be working directly with Gayatri, who I previously knew as a senior from Christ University. On my very first day, I was told to prank her saying that I wouldn’t be joining unfortunately and that I was sorry about informing at the last minute. This was all before she stepped into the office. And I was given this prank to perform by none other than our fun-loving boss, Asif.

I was too nervous to do this because I knew that Gayatri would get extremely annoyed. But then how was a fresher supposed to ‘not comply’ on the first day?!

I did call her. She was traveling in the train on her way to work. Oh my, she sounded so pissed. In my head, all I was thinking was hope I don’t get fired on my first day for carrying out this prank. However, on the phone she just asked me to come meet her in person and talk to her about it. Once I put the call down, we waited for her to step into office.

As she walked in and saw me sitting there, her expression was priceless! It was a mix of confusion, amusement and irritation. Everyone just burst out laughing and she caught on to what was happening. So that’s how my first day at NGU involved pranking a senior of mine.

The rest of the day was quite smooth. I was introduced to everyone and realized that we all shared the same love for food. I was taken to a beautiful Irani cafe by my colleagues, made to feel comfortable and at home right from day one. The fun-loving bunch was all I needed to know that I was going to learn a lot and have a great time at NGU. When factors like fun and happiness at work are heavily stressed upon, one can be sure that is it is always ‘employee first’ and then managing stress at work doesn’t become a burden.

Fun and happiness at work are two factors that are constantly stress

The three months post that just flew like a breeze. But this was the first day at work experience that I would never forget!”


“I don’t have a very clear idea of how my first day at work was, but from what I remember, I came to office before time. There were two people standing below the office, I didn’t know they were from the office and they probably thought I was some random stranger.

I had worn a red palazzo and a blue kurta (I distinctly remember as I had carefully picked it for my first day at work). As I walked in and there was no one. I grabbed the first chair and waited for everyone to come. Then came Ruchi, she told me a little about the people in the company and how two companies sit in the same office. We had a little chat (and from what people know about us now, no we didn’t become instant friends).

Then came in Gayatri. She had a very different aura. So fun, so calm and composed. She found me a desk to sit. I settled in. She gave me some company literature to read up on. Slowly, everyone came in. The funniest thing was, I was very anxious that my boss was going to sit behind me. I knew the name of the person sitting next to me (just the name)-Parth.

I had carried bhindi sabji for lunch that day and by lunch, I was put at ease. I ended up working on a character design for an important client on my first day and some modifications in a newsletter too.”


“15th December 2014. 10:00 AM. To make sure I wouldn’t be late on my first day, I arrived a couple of minutes early. Upon running up the stairs at the National Storage Building and locating Room 232, I found myself staring at a shutter. Having imagined a countless number of ways on how I would enter the office with complete poise, I was stunned.

When Asif came in a few minutes later, he greeted me, pulled up the shutter and let me in. Little did I realize back then, that a cozy room filled with quirky cartoons and sarcastic posters was to be my home for the next two years. Once I was assigned my desk and given my laptop, I was told what food was in the pantry and where the beanbags were located. That’s when I knew I was at the right place. After all, one can never trust those who don’t put food above everything else.

That day was mainly spent in reading about the company and getting to know others in the team. While I did take some time to open up, I will always cherish the fondness with which I was welcomed by everybody. They appreciated me for who I was and taught me the importance of being more open-minded.

Another highlight of the day was that I got to share the ‘first day’ experience with another intern. Fast forward to two years later where she is one of my closest friends. That is the magic of Never Grow Up. It brings people together and provides a platform for everyone to be their best selves. My first day at work is an example of this :)”


“My First Step Into NGU

From an interview that had casual questions thrown at me from across the room, to having someone offer me the leftover cake that she was binging on landed me in a place I had imagined of while sitting through college lectures.

Your first day at work is special and you definitely do not want to share it with anyone. I felt that too till it actually happened. Being the second one to enter office I realized there was Gayatri who was starting off the same day but less than 10 minutes, later we were hyper actively bonding over the love for Bangalore and being Christites (Christ University Alumni).

This immediately put us both at ease, the kind of which I even today live in the comfort of. Soon,the rest appeared. Everyone else whose names I had heard of or met briefly before and as the day progressed, the most important part of being at NGU (even today) happened – Lunch time! With all the dabbas open and menus being passed around, the happiness on everyone’s face was indescribable.

Maybe I didn’t have a crazy first day but I have had a quite a few. Even today when someone new joins, I relive my first day. It’s that moment of walking into office 232 with uncertainty and fear and walking out knowing that there’s always a loft with a bean bag and cheese in the fridge to comfort me. Typing this out 3 years later I look back at every moment that has gone by since 15th December 2015 and it brings tears of happiness and achievement. I have definitely grown at Never Grow Up but growing up? That isn’t happening hopefully ever!”


“First up, congratulations on turning 8! It has been an awesome roller coaster ride for over 3 years. Here’s a quick story about my first-day experience at Never Grow Up.

Part A

Let me take a step back and explain ‘Why Never Grow Up?’. To be honest, it was Asif who inspired me during the time he mentored us at iFEEL. The way he described his colleagues and the culture at NGU intrigued me to know more about employee engagement space.

Part B

Finally, the time to prove myself. Internship! Out of a batch size of 43 students, 30 students were interviewed. Out of 30, 5 were shortlisted for round 2. Out of 5, 3 were selected. One of which was me! Cannot explain how happy I was.

Part C 

21st June 2014, 10:00 am: Frist day of my internship! Office no. 232, shutter closed, waiting for someone to arrive. Asif as usual with his smiling face arrived, opened the door and asked if I would like to eat/drink something [since the number of people were less, the pantry was always full of food]. All that mattered to us [Ranjan & I] was getting things done from day one.

21st June 2014, 2:00 pm: Free food from Lucky Dragon. Chicken Burnt Garlic Rice.

21st June 2014, 3:00 pm: Angad asks, sutta pita hai kya? You already know the answer to that.

Then began a journey that has made me, my family and few of my professors proud!”


“1st June 2016: With a clueless and confused state of mind, I walked in to Office No 9, Never Grow Up. Just to ensure that I reach on time on my first day, I reached 40 minutes before time. There was nobody for the first 10 minutes when I heard footsteps. Prarthana, another new joinee was with me and somehow there was a sigh of relief. It’s always good to find someone in the same ship as you.

There were 3 people who had joined on the same day, the third being Tapan. I was quiet the entire day. I realized that I had made a wise decision by joining this company as the people around were friendly and welcoming. There was good food and we had lunch on the house. I was made to sit beside Angad whom I had completely judged in 30 minutes 😛

I was asked to read about Never Grow Up and I clearly remember Asif scaring me by stating, “I want you to grasp everything in the next two weeks”. This scared me and on the very first day and I was annoying Parth Gupta to teach me how to make an estimate and explain the meaning of Employee Engagement and Employer Branding after going through a few client case studies. Am glad to have been a part of Never Grow Up which is like a family for me. I can keep writing and writing but I guess I should stop now 😛

Just one last thing: This company makes me feel proud for whatever we have been doing and how we spread happiness both, internally and externally. A great team is all we want to keep going with individual growth. Thankfully, this company provided me both. Can’t believe I shall complete 2 years in a couple of months.

Cheers 🙂 ”


“With a thumping heart I walked towards the Delta apartment. It was my first internship in Mumbai and I had no idea what to expect. As I took the stairs towards the office I was hoping for a smooth beginning. Then I entered a small office with strange faces that overwhelmed me. But despite my hesitation everyone in the team NGU and Yellow Seed were welcoming and the food sharing session brought all of us closer. I have never experienced such a work culture. I learnt and grew along with the team. The equality and a platform to explore my skills made me a better person. It’s not just a team but a family. Here’s wishing team NGU a long and successful future :D”


“Congratulations NGU on turning 8!! Hope you have a “gr8” year ahead! I still recall my first day at work. I reached way too early as usual and the whole office was empty but thankfully was not left to solitude since it was Ruchi’s first day too and we ended up chatting about everything and nothing.

I recall noticing the action figures on Parth’s desk, the makeshift book collection in the meeting room, a bottle of Chivas on top of the cupboard, the quirky quotes here and there, and was sure I already loved the vibe! It seemed like a place where people got to be people and not mere productive machines working like clockwork (speaking of which, loved the “whatever” clock too with all the fallen off numbers. Because you don’t really need to follow a clock when anytime is good time for happiness at work!).

When the team started coming in, I was only further reassured that everyone comes to work here not because they have to but because they want to and everyone was as unique as their work egos. This was a fabulous team – where else would you get to discuss a campaign with Wolverine or Calvin, take advice from The Dark Knight, get design help from The Hulk and understand client briefs from The Man of Steel (on your first day)? It was a pleasure to be a part of this crazy, curious and creative entourage.

All the best for the new year! Happy Birthday NGU”


“My first day was on 1 st  June 2016. I met everyone and was introduced to Manali. She was the senior designer in the company and I was scared of her in my initial conversation. Slowly and steadily the fear was gone and the approachability increased.

I was asked to design 3 artworks for a client which were not approved from the clients end. I was a little confused on how to go about with the work. I was happy to receive a new laptop on my first day and had a very optimistic approach towards work.

My first interaction was with Parth who offered me a cigarette and that is where we had a good conversation about the company’s values and background.”


“Honestly, I don’t know where to start from because it might be a challenge for me to write down what it really means to me. So, on 1st March, I stepped in early as I was looking forward to my new journey. On reaching, Asif told me that the team will be stepping in by 10:30 AM.

I remember getting a seat next to Gayatri and it was Employee Appreciation Day. She left a post-it stating ‘Welcome to the gang of Loonies’. I can’t explain the feeling as I had received something like this for the first time in my entire life. I felt so amazing. And well how can I forget Angad who didn’t wait for me to settle down and started cracking jokes on my face.”


“A little background before the first day- I joined Never Grow Up, for the good vibes that I got while I was browsing the website and also how intensively I believed in the name of the company. The company values were co-incidentally in sync with my personal beliefs and hence my excitement level was high but was also accompanied by a bit of nervousness.

First Day:

No story begins without some drama, and the same happened to me. I reached late by 26.5 hours at work (informed prior) and yet was given a warm welcome. A few of my team members were out for breakfast. I grabbed a bean bag and managed to finish one pictorial book- The Art of War. By the time I could do something concrete it was lunch time and I made a wrong choice of ordering the worst meal ever {first day food is on the house} Nevertheless the meal was compensated with great company around.

Now the real challenge came when I was given my first task, which was on Excel. I was not well equipped with that but I definitely wanted to learn. Guess what! I choose a team where I could say anything I had no knowledge about  without a fear of embarrassment. Everyone was more than happy to help me! I count that as a good memory in my black and whites.”

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