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Improve Employee Experience

Treat your employees the right way to attain maximum output for your organization. How often have you read this in several survey results, corporate magazines, management lessons? This is because, at the end of the day, it all boils down to their combined efforts for your company to grow. If they don’t feel good about their experience at work, there are high chances that it will reflect in the quality of their work and eventually lead to poor outcomes. You cannot expect a seed to sprout and grow on its own without providing it with necessary care in the form of water, fertilizers and enough sunlight. But it doesn’t mean you install a table-tennis table in the recreational room, build a huge campus or provide benefits like health insurance. The modern workforce requires a culture which lends an ear to their voice, enhances growth in their career and instills a sense of belonging. The definition of employee experience is changing, and you should consider being a part of the change as well.

Smooth Onboarding Experience

When you recruit a new employee, you hope he/she meets your expectations. Likewise, the new hire will also have certain ideas about your company. The time you have as a company to make their ideas come to life is the initial few months. Because according to the Harvard Business Review, 33 percent of new hires look for a new job within their first six months on the job and this is largely attributed to their onboarding experience. Make your onboarding procedures hassle-free, without them having to run around for accomplishing them.

Effective Communication

Communicate! Keep your people abreast about the happenings in your company. Leverage the medium of internal communication effectively. This means, good communication needs to exist between the team members and the manager as well. Conduct meetings and employee surveys at regular intervals to understand the current performance of an employee and the difficulties faced at work. If the concerns are genuine and actions are taken to resolve them, your employees will be assured of their opinions being heard and taken seriously.

Appreciation of Good Work

Everybody loves a pat on their back when their sincere efforts are recognised. Rewards and recognition programmes, promotions and raises for exceptional performance are common in every organization. But these things are easier said than done thanks to the long checklist of rules and policies. Instead, develop a work culture which promotes peer-to-peer appreciation. Hear out every employee during discussions and compliment them for their active participation. These approaches might appear to be basic, but run a long way in adding value to your employees’ trust in you.

Trainings for Improvement

An employee-manager relationship is that of give and take. When your employees put their best foot forward to contribute to the goals of your company, they are also making efforts to build their career. Arranging career development programmes, training sessions to enhance their knowledge and providing opportunities to try new things will boost their confidence in work and in your company. The thought of being backed up by a company who cares about their growth will give them enough reasons to stay and flourish.

While you opt these new methods, make sure you are consistent with them. Implementing them for a week and then going back to square one will create no desirable results. Consistency is the key! Bring that into practice and you will be a step closer to give an enriching experience to your people.

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