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An Addiction to Connect

October 23, 2017 Comments Off on Is Instant Messaging Draining You? Views: 716 People First

Is Instant Messaging Draining You?

Instant messaging with its expressive emojis has long replaced the vanilla SMS for us. We chat for long hours with almost everyone in our social circle. Even at work, over and above the every day internal communications strategy, teams have been connected. Sample pictures of goods have been displayed, approvals sought, and sometimes, the entire businesses is run on instant chat.

But sometimes as the day ends, do you think all you did during the day was chat? That you could have achieved more than you did? Worry not. Here are some tips to improve your productivity.

  • Switch off data at regular intervals. It helps you conserve energy – both of your mobile phones and yours.
  • Replying at regular intervals also lets the other person know that this may not be the best medium to reach you in case of urgency.
  • In case of an occasion (birthday, anniversary), add that personal touch. People often remember the person that spoke to them. Make that 30 second call. If the person misses it, that’s fine – they know you remembered them.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed by data, when you switch it on. There are many of those messages that maybe of absolutely no use to you – learn to prioritize. In some time, you will know who is to be answered at what priority.
  • Avoid downloading every media – image, video that comes your way. It may not be relevant to you and unnecessarily will take up phone space. In settings there will be an option that will help you do this

Experience the joy of plugging out of things and rediscovering a whole lot by plugging back into the things that matter, a detached attachment, if you will. Take a break, un–wire before you un–hinge, unwind the coils of professional and personal expectations and breathe. ‘Un’ a lot of things to Plug into something valuable and see how your work productivity increases.

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