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9 (NOT) so Horrible Bosses

Horrible bosses

No, it is not Boss’s day today. But, it is definitely appraisal time and a sneak peek into the minds of the folks that you have to survive with during life at work, will definitely help. If you too have wondered (unarguably) why you boss says something, here’s a quick list of reasons. Pick the one that suits your cause the best.

1. The Eager Beaver

Because all is fair in work and getting work done – The kind of a boss that tends to work hard (sometimes overtime too). They are keen on finishing projects before time. Although a visionary, also a workaholic. Task-oriented and has a high need for achievement.

What you could do: Be proactive. Deliver your deliverables on time. Let your deadlines live up to its name.

2. TheFanciful Dreamer

Because nothing is impossible – The kind of boss who breathes the company culture. They understand the company’s true potential and work towards a brighter future. They have ideas, are inspiring as well as empathetic. They seek a team that understands the importance of goals and have in mind a path to make it work.

What you could do: Show enthusiasm when your boss talks about their visions for the company. Brainstorm with the team to find ways that can help you achieve your goals.

3. The Pace Setter

Because once a commitment is made, living up to it becomes a mandate – The kind of boss that likes to challenge the team. They have a list of tasks and consistent feedback lined up, and are big on internal communications. They gauge the strengths and work on the weaknesses, laying the foundation for a stronger team. They give in nothing but the best, and except the same level of reciprocation.

What you could do: Outline a work life integration and fine tune your schedule to live up to all the demanding work. Work hard, plan wisely, delegate better, and seek clarification when needed, ultimately making your life at work fruitful.

 4. The Benevolent Buddy

Because no sorry, no thank you, work is always waiting for you – The kind of boss who is easy to be friends with. They have a joyful temperament, aim is to create cordial connections and strive to maintain harmony within the team. They go the distance with employee happiness, whether it’s conducting an employee engagement survey, or various activities. With an easy-going attitude and flexibility when it comes to tough times, learning becomes is fun.

What you could do: Use their experience to gain better insights on the tasks assigned to you. Ask for feedback directly to improve your work.

5. The Micromanaging Honcho

Because life is a three legged sack race – You, time, and boss  – The kind of boss who will ensure they dig into every tiny detail and notice every little action you take. Although they take ‘keeping a track’ a bit too seriously, they do have a fine eye for problem solving. Being a rationalist, attention to detail becomes a habit for them, thus eliminating the possibility of an error as they are the kind of teachers, who will ensure you learn something new each day.

What you could do: Build a trustworthy rapport. Leave little scope for their intervention and be careful not to repeat the same mistakes twice.

6. The Wise Guru

Because a mentor that happens to you teaches you more than the boss assigned to you – The kind of boss who motivates to achieve full potential. They leave no stone unturned to help you unleash the best within you. They insist on a high sense of professionalism. Their approvals matter the most and when you achieve a ‘go-ahead’ in the first go, you have indeed accomplished a task.

What you could do: Be honest and sincerely discuss problems with them. Approach a challenge with a solution-oriented attitude. Sit with them and set realistic, clearly defined goals. Strengthen the idea, the execution will follow.

7. The Browbeating Boss

Because success follows excellence by default – A no-nonsense boss who may even turn out to be intimidating at times. They may resort to tactics like yelling or scolding, that will make you nostalgic about school. But will also act as a booster to do better. They are sticklers for ensuring that the organizational and individual goal alignment are in tandem.

What you could do: Do not feel disheartened, it’s nothing personal. Regular communication and maintaining a transparent relationship helps.

8. The Hidebound Traditionalist

Because the dilemma is not ours alone – One of those bosses that has been a part of every company since inception. An experienced senior (not necessarily in age), and an undoubtedly great mentor (if you are fond of all the talks). Although their way of working is old-school, they are open to new ideas and encourage new age thinking.

What you could do: Be receptive to their ideas. Arguing is the last thing you would want to do. Sometimes, old methods might just click.

9. The Well-Balanced One

Because your past life’s good deeds have followed you– The kind of boss who is balanced. They treat everyone fairly at the workplace, are open to suggestions and willing to give you your space while working. Trusting and collaborative, this boss is approachable, flexible and extremely focused.

What you could do: Feel lucky and enjoy it while you can! Do not make the mistake of boasting about it to your friends; a jinx could just be around the corner.

This is an experiential archetype list. Every boss that you come across will be a unique individual. Some may fall into several categories, some may not fall into any at all. It may be annoying, it may be the ultimate test of your patience. But each one comes with their own set of advantages. There is always something or the other to learn. If not ‘What you could do’, definitely a ‘What you should NOT do’.

Does your boss fall in the above mentioned category? Let us know your thoughts by writing to us at or visit our LinkedIn page.

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