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Funny Reasons For Being Late To Work

There is no denying that we all have been late to school, college or work at some or the other point in our lives. Some researchers even point out that people who are chronically late are often more optimistic or successful than their counterparts who are always on time. Well, we can’t prove any of that, but what we do know is that chronically-late people can be extremely creative.

Anyone can be late a few times but being consistently being late and giving the funniest reasons for your lateness– that is an art!  

If you are working or interning somewhere or have done so in the past, there might’ve been days when you reached your office late and had to answer your boss. Your reason might’ve been the usual; the unbearable traffic, oversleeping/ sleeping late, slow public transportation or bad weather. And the only answer you got in return would’ve been your boss’ disapproving face.

Now we cannot assure you that this list of reasons for being late to work will change that expression, but it will surely bring a smile to your face.

(Disclaimer: Use these at your own risk.)

1. So apparently my phone is set according to GMT…

“After coming back from that trip abroad I completely forgot about changing time on all my devices and watch. So, I guess my alarm will end up ringing at 12:30 pm.” *nervous laughter*

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2. The lift was stopping at every floor!

“I was in the office building at 9:55 am sharp. It’s just that when I entered the lift, someone pressed the buttons for all the floors. I did think of walking up the stairs, but then I guess that would’ve taken more time. Had it not been for this incidence, I would’ve been in office at 10 itself.”

3. I am just a good citizen, following all the rules.

“I shifted to this new apartment, which has a school in the neighboring building. I had to stop near the signboard which said, ‘Drive Slow, School Ahead’ and then again at the zebra crossing where the kids were crossing the road. I respect the law, I was just trying to be a good citizen.”

4. I cant drive without music, you know?

“I reached office halfway when my car’s music system crashed, and I cannot drive without music on. I had to get it repaired because the service centre is near my house.”

5. I was making up for yesterdays overtime.

“I thought it would be alright if I come half an hour late today since I was an hour early yesterday. I am just trying to balance it out.”

6. I thought I was sick

“When I woke up, I thought I was going to fall sick further in the day. I wanted to be sure, so I waited for an hour before getting dressed for work. I didn’t want to pass it on to others in the office.”

7. Wasnt it supposed to be a Sunday today?

“Sometimes, even a Thursday feels like a Saturday. Like when I was going to bed last night, I did not set an alarm for the morning because I thought it was a Sunday. Only when my mom called me did I realize that it was Friday today.”

While there are ample of excuses one can come up with for getting late at work, we recommend to avoid using such excuses on a mad Monday morning, specially if it’s been a long weekend. While being honest about the problem by informing your boss and owning up to it is a good call once in a blue moon, if you’re willing to have a good laugh or make work fun, use these at your own risk.

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