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7 Simple Ways for Making Work Fun

7 Simple Ways for Making Work Fun by Never Grow Up®

Once you start working, you realise that life becomes an uneventful routine and boredom has started to creep in. It is the most common problem out there among professionals from all occupations. “There’s no satisfaction in work. I don’t have a life anymore, and whatever little there is, it is not really anything to talk about. “But what would you say if we were to tell you that the secret mantra to changing this miserable state of existence is as simple as making the efforts towards ‘making work-life fun’? The trick is in the details. And just like that, employees learn how to maintain a work-life balance. Don’t believe us? Try these simple steps to liven up your life at work. Or better still, ask your HR team to get involved!

1. Healthy office pranks

We can already see you raise a single eyebrow in a classic doubtful gesture but hear us out. Playing small office pranks can actually be a good idea. It can make life at work more fun and also increase and improve healthy communication between team members. Of course, having said that, the utmost care should be taken that no one is hurt during the process. The pranks don’t even need to be grand or elaborate in any way. The simplest thing you could do is hide someone’s lunch box or keep a rose at their desk with a cheesy compliment note. Cue the giggles!

2. In-house games and contests

Innovative game ideas like a sitcom-based treasure hunt can turn out to be a lot of fun. It can help your team relax and release some of that work pressure they’ve been carrying around. You could even have people from two different departments participate against each other. After all, who can resist a fun battle? Games like these can go a long way in helping employees get to know each other. What’s more, it works even better when you have a new bunch of recruits joining you.

Hmm, are you wondering whether your employees are too old for that? Well, let’s not forget that all of us have a child hidden within us. And that child can certainly surprise you at times. Organizing a paper plane making contest? Keep small rewards for the one who makes the airplane first or the one that goes farthest. Watch how your employees shed their inhibitions in their excitement for these games!

3. Grab a meal

Ordering lunch or dinner for everyone is always, and we mean always, a great idea. Honestly, who would ever say no to free food, huh? Apart from reducing the distance created by hierarchy, having a meal together would also allow more interaction among co-workers. You could add a twist by rotating lunch boxes and allowing a small group to switch ‘tiffins’. The more comfortable they get with each other, the more relaxed they would feel to work together as a team.

4. Fun dress codes

Fix different days for different dress codes. Alternate between traditional, regional, western wear or fancy-dress days. These days will definitely liven up the atmosphere at the workplace. Life will seem better, easier and happier. Everybody would love to have a casual dress code on a Friday!

5. Arrange for open feedback sessions

An open feedback session can be a good way to help people interact with each other. These sessions are particularly helpful for those who are somewhat introvert and find it difficult to communicate easily with others. Ask people to introduce each other and say what they like about others individually. That also helps know what co-workers are thinking about each other.

6. Celebrating birthdays

Don’t just cut a cake. Smear it.  Fashion the celebrations according to the likes of the person whose birthday it is, make them feel special. This can be real fun. Encourage employee engagement by bringing in board games to the office, be it scrabble or monopoly. Nudge your employees to ‘wish each other in groups’. These small things can really help release stress and will also enhance the bonding between them.

7. Celebrate a big contract or the completion of a major project

Have a nice small party. Party does not always mean five-star dinners. You can just order for some simple food to be delivered to your office. Doughnuts are everybody’s favorite! Besides, it is equally enjoyable and fun. Post its and notes saying ‘Thank you’ to your employees for putting in that much of effort and time will only prove that their hard work is not only noticed, but also acknowledged and appreciated.

People first, business second. Make your employees feel happy that they have worked hard, met deadlines and completed assignments successfully. This will only lead to them feeling satisfied with their job making him/her give in their 100% for projects in the future.

Making work fun is easy. The simplest and the easiest thing to do would be taking up a profession of your choice. When we choose something we are passionate about, work does not seem like a burden. It becomes like second nature to us.

Two different individuals employed in the same organization, working under the same roof may have two equally diversified perspectives on how enjoyable their work is to them. Instead of looking at the problems, we should try to look at the positives, the opportunities and try and find productive solutions.

The work environment is also very important. The atmosphere of the office or workplace helps an employee form his/her opinion about the organization. The better one feels about his/her office, the more he/she feels attached. And that obviously helps increase work output.

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