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October 9, 2013 Comments Off on Five Ways to Motivate Employees At Work Views: 428 Life At Work, People First

Five Ways to Motivate Employees At Work

Motivation cannot be completely acquired from watching TED talks, well not entirely at least. Inspiration – Yes! Motivation – Maybe a little. Neither can it be attained from merely meditating or by being a part of people management programs. Being motivated in life and feeling motivated at work is a different ball game all together.

Working from 9-5 or working late hours, working over a weekend or working on a holiday. No matter when, no matter how, as long as you are working, you need to give your 100%. The organization will only be able to grow when the employees affiliated with it will grow. And in order for your employees to do that, you need to make them feel connected to the organization, to feel satisfied with their work; you need to make them feel motivated to want to work.

The simple and clear mantra for staying motivated at work – Love what you do. Even the famous Irish writer Oscar Wilde says “The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.”

Well then, how do you keep your employees motivated? Here are a few simple ways…

Don’t wait for an occasion

Call for a random meeting, tell everybody that today is the day that will go down in the history of the company. The day everybody will know why they were chosen to be a part of the company and why they deserve to remain. Conduct fun employee activities.

Generate curiosity – Gather everyone and do a quick round of random question and answers, ask everybody how their work is progressing, how they find their colleagues, their boss, how they like their work timings and then suddenly bring in a whole lot of pastries or chocolates and say “Surprise!” Celebrate for no reason! Rather, celebrate for being united or even for successfully completing a project!

Be a mentor, be a friend

Being a boss is as good as being a teacher with a bunch of children in a classroom. Everybody loves to work with someone knowledgeable, someone who knows their work at the back of their hand. If you as a boss appear to seem unapproachable, how would you expect your employees to take their own decisions? Be friendly, don’t just be a person who does people management and talent management.

Being receptive to ideas, willing to work things out and admitting the fact that employees are after all the driving force of an organization is equally essential. They need your guidance and experience as well as your kindness and understanding.

Take pride

If you share targets and deadlines with your team, make sure to share the victory and give credits too. Recognizing potential and nurturing it is one thing, but acknowledging the same in public emphasizes to your employees that their efforts are being noticed and appreciated. Maybe try out an employee recognition program to appreciate your employees; it will boost their morale.

Putting your team before yourself is the best practice a boss or a manager can undertake. Not only does it command respect but it makes you a star! It instigates the employees to give it their best shot at work!

Balance risk and responsibility

If you have never had a boss who goes out of his way to make your work life a blessing, you can always start by setting an example yourself. All you have to do is keep a track of the work that flows in, do a S.W.O.T. analysis of the job at hand as well as make a judgement of who can do it better and then hand over the job to the one in the team who shows more inclination.

You help your employees grow by letting them explore the opportunities catering to their respective potential. Give more importance to the team spirit and the team will reciprocate; you don’t need an employer engagement strategy to do that.

Practice what you preach

If you are in a grumpy mood, the pace for the day would automatically be set as edgy. Be happy yourself, because the wave of happiness trickles down and spreads.

And last but not the least, perks and rewards! Appreciate your employees, make efforts to lighten up the office environment, may be arrange for a few quirky contests, keep your conversations a healthy balance between work and fun, and treat them the way you would treat your family members.

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