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5 Myths That Stresses The Stress

A report from the Economic Times (June 2016) states that “46% of workforce in firms in India suffer from some or the other form of stress”. Every other day the news is filled with suicides. Professionals and students alike.

What do we do? Is getting professional help the only resort? How do we overpower this menace?

Try. Make life worth living. And most importantly, educate yourself. Here are few popular myths that we have compiled and tried to demystify. If you nod a yes to all of these, it is high time to take a step towards taking preventive measures like attending a wellness program.

 #5 – I Need A Drink!

Really? If that was the solution to all problems, the liquor industry would have been thriving. But no, that isn’t the case. A few deep breaths, focusing on practical alternatives and engaging in some sort of kinesthetic activity helps. What you really need is a detox. Alternatively, a nutritional meal chart. Decaf the intake of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, or any substance that can remotely lead to an addiction. Yes, that includes sugar as well!

 #4 – More Work + More Success = More Stress

A classic excuse, it is called ‘Achievemephobia’. It truly does exist and in simple language is called ‘the fear of success’. Afraid that success may take you away from the things you like, make you spend less time with your loved ones, or even turn you into a workaholic. One second you are hale and hearty, and the very next second you flip to being anxious and rattled. The key here is to practice time as well as anger management. The more organized you are, the more confidence you gain to prioritize and solve your own problems.

 #3 – Being Positive Makes It Go Away

Sometimes. It is a grey area which can be turned around according to circumstances. Optimism is a weapon only if you practice it on a daily basis. Yoga and meditation are mediums that make sanity prevail; until you encounter an unrepairable situation. Helping others gives you instant and sometimes, lasting satisfaction. But to let you in on a secret, a day amidst the nature is all it takes to unwind. Don’t just be positive, make that nagging sensation go away completely.

 #2 – It Is Invisible

No. It is outright obvious and shouldn’t be ignored. Never ever ignore a suicidal threat. It may be a silent cry for help. If you see somebody hesitate to answer a simple question, ask again. Stress silently creeps onto our minds and eventually evolves into depression. Maybe not cancerous, but deadly enough. Solution? May sound easy but is indeed a daunting task when you begin to practice. Surround yourself with things you like, especially positive influencers. Develop a hobby, nurture it, learn something new on a regular basis. Keeping your mind healthy is equally important.

 #1 – It Affects Everyone The Same

Absolutely, NOT! The reasons may be same – work pressure building up, relationships going for a toss, expectations sky rocketing, patience diminishing. But every individual suffers from stress at an unpredictable intensity. Being ‘Hangry’ (angry when hungry) triggers stress. Not being able to get your favourite seat at the cinemas invokes stress. Financial instability, job rotations, even road rage, the list for stress inducers is long and endless. Solution? TALK to people. Vent it out, get it out of your system. Keeping it bottled up never helped anybody.

Unable to decide what will suit you the best? Try something somebody said you cannot. Rewind. Rejuvenate. Recuperate. Unplugg!

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