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August 2, 2019 Comments Off on Never Grow Up goes to Shanghai! Views: 557 Work Culture

Never Grow Up goes to Shanghai!

You know that feeling when you get recognized for the amazing work you’ve been doing? And you get the special opportunity to go global with your work? Well, we definitely know how that feels thanks to the 6th Employer Brand Strategy (Learning) Summit in Shanghai. EBS 2019 gave us the opportunity to represent India and be a key-note speaker at this year’s conference. Based on the theme – Rebranding Workforce to Grow: Minus, Multiply or Chemistry, this year’s summit was led by Simon Barrow, the creator of the Employer Brand concept along with esteemed speakers from WeWork, Alibaba Group, Accenture, Geely, and Schneider Electric.

Never Grow Up spoke on driving your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) To Win over Talent and how the art of crafting an EVP is to also about building alignment to the business. The talk started with what an employer brand is not, and how one can build their EVP in a systematic manner. We even identified touchpoints to integrate EVP in an employee’s life cycle and shared why HR efforts fail despite the best of intentions. The session ended with how one can drive EVP behaviourally as an anchor across the organization and showcasing a few case studies.

To have interacted with Simon, the pioneer himself, was truly a humbling experience. This union of eminent speakers brought to light the current position of employer brand across various industries and locations through the comprehensive case studies presented.

From being the leader of the bandwagon that invests in employer brand to being invited to Shanghai, team Never Grow Up takes great pride in the work we do. Not only was this trip an immersive one in terms of sharing and learning, but it also validated and reaffirmed our belief in what we do. Building culture, making workplaces happier and never growing up!

Check out key moments and takeaways on our LinkedIn page or log on to to know more about how we are adding value to clients across sectors.

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