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November 12, 2017 Comments Off on Not Sorry For Not Being Sorry | Happy Children’s Day Views: 649 People First

Not Sorry For Not Being Sorry | Happy Children’s Day

Childhood is one of the best memories. A phase we all cherish at all times in our lives. The carefree moments of happiness, our innocence that makes us incapable of being touched by negativity, and our trustful nature to blindly believe every word our parents said. Well for most of us at least!

Cliched instances when we believed that ‘Swallowing a watermelon seed could lead to the growth of a watermelon in your tiny belly’. Or being scolded with the very typical “Let your friend use bad words, you stay away”. Or the classic “He/she is teasing/ beating/ pinching/ punching me!” The list is endless.

Brings back a sense of nostalgia doesn’t it? The days when we couldn’t overthink, and without a second thought, went with the flow… Lived life to the fullest!

The societal and family pressure to ‘grow up’ and ‘behave like matured adults’ traps the kid within us. But in today’s digitally enhanced world, being a kid at heart is one of the best things that could happen to you. Here’s a couple of reasons why:

  1. Even the smallest of things can make you happyImagine the fact that our colleague offered us a chocolate at work or just praised us for our attire? Already smiling ain’t you?
  2. A carefree soul and an enthucutlet – It makes you realize that there is just one life to enjoy and one should live it without worrying about the future. People love spending time with you because you show them a mirror to the life they always wanted to live.
  3. The insane joy of asking infinite questionsWhy, when, where, what, which and how – it’s so ‘your kind of thing’. The curiosity to gain knowledge and question everything around, definitely makes you a smarter person.
  4. Materialistic pleasures dont mean much to you – And that’s indeed a boon. Because you know the value of a group hug AND a cookie. And as time flies, you are eventually admired for pursuing the ‘smaller joys’; simple things that hold the key to infinite happiness.
  5. Birthdays always excite youAh yes! A classic! At times, you are more excited for your friend’s birthday than yours! This makes you much more approachable as a human being and people seek your suggestions without any hesitance.
  6. You can even befriend Stress ! – Now this, is an ultimate achievement. Remember when we were small and after every fight we had without friend, we would make peace? Imagine if that friend was Stress. Life can become so much simpler!

Being a kid at heart does not mean that one tends to make amateurish decisions. Childishness and Maturity are like Tom and Jerry. One incomplete without the other. You may assume that you can escape without being noticed. But it will always follows you and teach you something new at every visit.

Being a kid is definitely not that bad, if only one knows to strike the right balance. And remember, if you don’t cheat to maintain this balance, you are breaking a major rule of being a child again!

So follow your heart by Never Growing Up! Happy Children’s Day !

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