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Struggles Faced By Every Office Employee At Work

If ‘Ifs And Buts’ Triumphed, Where Would We All Whine?

Procrastinations are many. Often lurking in the forlorn dark shadows down the lanes of deadlines. Waiting to pounce and prey on your precious sanity, chewing away every ounce of confidence and stability. And the envious sly distractions ain’t far behind either!

Every ‘Office Goer’s’ biggest nemesis somehow seems to be ‘TIME’. As abstract and unpredictable as it is, it often has many carrying the burden of a plethora of ‘What ifs’.

  • Time to meet deadlines
  • Time to eat
  • Time to socialize
  • Time to make a decision
  • Time to learn something new

Struggling to find the time to make ends meet.

And what does all of this ‘Lack of time’ lead up to? One simple six letter word – STRESS. For an average office goer, here are a few stress indicators that eventually add up to everyday office struggles. If you identify with any of these, please take a moment to self-introspect life at work. These symptoms do not demand attention but need it none the less.

 The Means v/s The Thought

Commuting to work has always been cumbersome. Travel by bus, take the local trains, drive in an A/C cab, or even ride on your personal two-wheeler. Is it the part where you have to get out of bed each day that is the hardest to accomplish? The lethargic feeling refusing to sober down, the unadulterated chain of yawns messing with your mind, and the craving to gulp down a good dose of caffeine striking a chord. Seems familiar?

LISTEN when your body tells you that something in your routine is NOT right!

Wish That Workplace Wasn’t Bunker–less

If your office allowed a bean bag, would you have been the first volunteer to host it? Sitting on a chair gives you back aches, stiff necks and a sore posterior? And every single time there is a wish box floated in office, your only ask is of a bunker bed that can be booked for power naps? Yes, you are suffering from the ‘my-posture-is-not-right’ syndrome!

If you do not already follow the 20–20–20 rule and love being glued to your chair, it’s time to RE–THINK.

Commitment Phobic to Being Social

It literally takes a fraction of a second to be enchanted by the calling of the digital world. To let go of all the deadlines and surf in the name of ‘taking a break’. Your eyes begin to water, your fingertips begin drumming on the surface of your keyboard, and you feel the separation anxiety creeping in from not having ‘last seen’ your beloved phone.

Social media is making you an emotionally dependent recluse. Beware of falling into the TRAP!

The Spoon Hunt

Food has scientifically been proven to be a catalyst for serotonin (the happiness releasing hormone). But when you do not have in place the cutlery to eat the delicious meal and are guilty over hesitating to eat with your bare hands, the monstrous anxiety creature creeps in. not to forget the number of times you must control the urge to binge onto junk!

A balanced, nutritious, complete meal can make a LOT of difference in your life. Don’t belittle this food for thought.

 It’s easier to say ‘I don’t like it’, ‘Things just don’t seem to work out’, ‘I have so much to do and so little time!’. The challenge lies in figuring ‘WHY’.

Why do you not like it?

Why are things not working out?

Why can you not manage your time better?

It often takes a lot of ‘Unlearning’ to learn something new. Similarly, you need to indulge in a lot of ‘Unwinding’ before you decide to stew.  Remember, something worse is always around the corner. Imagine your misery if “The chair doesn’t spin today?”

To know more about Stress Management, click here.

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