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October 24, 2017 Comments Off on What People Ask During Job Interviews And What They Really Mean! Views: 559 Work Culture

What People Ask During Job Interviews And What They Really Mean!

You may love them or hate them. But you simply can’t ignore them. Job interviews lie at the heart of the process used to judge and select. And if you’ve ever been in an interview, you will have faced these ‘oh so awesome’ questions. Ever wondered what they really mean?

Here goes! [Funny Bone Alert]

1.  Tell us something about yourself?

What it means – I have skimmed through the CV shared by the consultant. However can’t think of anything. Hearing it from you, will give me a thought starter for the first question.

Will Never Grow Up

2.  This is a newly made/ exclusive position!

What it means – We tried our best to fill this position internally as well as externally. However we are still are not getting anyone. Please aa jao.

Never Grow Up

3.  Salary is negotiable!

What it means – We know we are underpaying than but since we are not getting anyone, we will hike it in case we really like you

4.  Our Office hours are flexible

What it means – Entry time is fixed. Obviously not the exit time

5.  Where do you see 5 years from now?

What it means – This question is asked not to offer growth. We have only these many positions and talent pool is huge. So just checking your level of aspirations.

Never Grow Up

6.  (For Women) Are you married? If yes, since how many years. If no, when do you plan to?

What it means – How far is the 6 month maternity leave or marriage leave and how will we ensure business continuity. [Yes, people still ask this question]

Never Grow Up

7.  Tell us a few strengths and weaknesses?

What it means – I know I am going to receive canned answer to this but I have no other better way to judge capability right now

8.  This is the job description. However you may be required to undertake certain responsibilities outside this as well.

What it means – Read all you want. Once you join us, we’ll make you work on anything and everything.

Will Never Grow Up

Other questions we have missed out? What is the craziest question you’ve been posed? Let us know!

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