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June 26, 2015 Comments Off on 5 Things About Your First Job That No One At Work Will Tell You About Views: 477 Work Culture

5 Things About Your First Job That No One At Work Will Tell You About

Picture this. You are a career starter. Just passed out of college / b-school and ready to take on the corporate world. You land your first job and feel on top of the world. As you ditch your dungrees, suit up and skim through the employee handbook, you realize that this is not going to be a cake walk. There are terms and conditions, rules and guidelines, processes and methodologies, people and well; more people.

You are out there. Giving it your best. You learn, adapt, show enthusiasm and take on more than you can possibly volunteer for as you work hard trying to prove your worth over the next candidate. You try to get employee recognition.But there are forces at play. Things that you may not know about. Things that no colleague or boss is ever going to tell you. Here’s a list of 5 such things you should know about if you have just kicked off your career.

  1. You will be shot- Even if you’ve been vetted by HR Consultants, very often, [especially in places that matter like the boardroom] you will be surrounded by people who, over the years and by virtue of being in the role for long have started evaluating ideas purely from whether it’s conveniently doable or not plus, how much it’s going to cost them. This would mean many a times, the number of questions you face when you put up an idea might just end up in you dropping that idea. Don’t let that happen.
  2. You have been read your rights – Think of any Hollywood movie where the cops make an arrest. The line goes something like ‘You are in the court of law. Anything you say or do can/will be used against you.’ Well, the job contracts you sign are pretty much like the same situation. Except that here, you willingly surrender to the cops. Ensure you’ve read the terms and if you haven’t it wouldn’t hurt now.
  3. Your success depends on how your team does – So what if you were the Rockstar in college presentations and aced all your assignments? So what if you’ve never come second? Contrary to what you may believe, your success does not depend on how well you do personally any more. It’s all about your unit and people management now. Keep it tight. Period.
  4. You will walk through fire – The makers of Spiderman were right. With power comes great responsibility and often even without the power, you are and will be held responsible. Being a newbie, your moves will be questioned, you will be tested, judged and tested again. The sooner you accept that this is part of your learning curve, the better. Also, office politics is a real thing. You are working with people and not machines. Although, activities for team building do help, and so does an Employee engagement strategy.
  5. You may still have to wait your turn – After all of this, you will still need a truck load of patience because you are not the only one in the game. Your next promotion is not next year. Or maybe even the year after that. The corner cabin is, well, a decade away and there are very few of those left. It does not mean you are not great at your job. It’s just… a discussion for another day.

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