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The Procrastinator’s Snooze Button

The Procrastinator's Snooze Button by Never Grow Up®

Beep! Beep! Beep!

What a joy it is to wake up to the sound of a blaring alarm, isn’t it? Said no one ever. But that’s what we invented a snooze button for. This gracious button comes to the rescue of over-worked, underslept individuals everywhere to temporarily allow us to linger in our state of slumber a little while longer. Begone, cruel sounds of reality!

A strange phenomenon is observed in that teeny tiny bit of  sleep you achieve after you hit that snooze button on an alarm clock. You find that not only do those extra minutes of sleep become infinitely more precious than regular sleep, but the whole concept of time seems to turn on its head. Woke up fifteen minutes later? You could have sworn it was two! On several occasions, the snooze button has even let you down. Giving you the option to delay the inevitable, the snooze button has often led you astray and made you miss opportunities.

So why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we hit the snooze button?

Well, because we can!

Among other things, the snooze button is a tool that lets you conveniently suspend the harsh pangs of reality. Well, life has a snooze button too. You might have heard of it. It’s called ‘Procrastination’, and truth be told, we tend to use this one very selectively.

Imagine hitting the jackpot one fine day and winning an insane amount of money! You’re then told that you have to show up at a specific location at 07.00 A.M. sharp to pick up your prized cheque or else it will be forfeited. Gasp! The next morning, the alarm goes off and the clock says 06.00 A.M.  No matter how sleepy you are, do you think you would even consider hitting that snooze button? Nah.

Now consider this. Your boss needs you to finish compiling a project report in two days. Do you get started right away? Or do you hit the snooze button and wait till the last minute assuming that the work will not take you no more than a couple of hours? You do the latter, of course. Unpleasant surprises await you when you actually sit down to work and realize that this will need at least five hours of your time. You see, not only do you need to compile the data, but you also need to tabulate the same to prepare charts and graphs with statistics! Whoops. Result – working late, pulling all-nighters and your work life blend going for a complete toss.

If you have to catch an 08.00 P.M. movie, you know you will make sure that you reach at the multiplex at least 15 minutes early. But if you have a meeting to attend at 09.00 A.M., there will somehow be an excuse for being at least five minutes late (correct us if we’re wrong).

In life the snooze button is not usually in minutes.

We may know we need to start exercising; we hit snooze for next year.
We may know we want to travel and see some place in the world; we hit snooze for five years later.
We may know we have an idea for a business; we hit snooze for ten years later.

You can hit snooze more than once !

Have you ever hit the snooze button while still sleeping and didn’t remember hitting it?

Have you planned to meet someone in an hour and hit the snooze button to postpone it?
Have you ever meant to do something in your life and didn’t realize it had been so long since you were supposed to get started on it?

The two hardest things about ‘doing something’ is ‘getting started’ and ‘getting finished’.

Procrastination at work could sometimes lead to unemployment, but procrastination in life definitely leads to unfinished business waiting to pounce on you at your worst times!


This is your wakeup call. Get up and get going!

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