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There Is a Reason Why Stand-Up Comedy Thrives

If you don’t know the answer to that yet, you are definitely missing out on something big! Comedy is defined as ‘A form of entertainment intended to make an audience laugh’. Somebody somewhere says something that tickles your funny bone, and you laugh. But then, being able to make somebody laugh is a skill that only a few people possess. After all, which sane human being, endowed with a decent sense of humor would want to take up this abominable task? Right?

Wrong! Everybody is blessed with a sense of humor by birth (even animals!). In the haste of putting on a tie and fastening our shoelaces, most of us have cornered it into becoming a solitary and recessive gene. The one and only time that we sub-consciously, or rather, unwillingly put it to use, is when we are extremely stressed.

A silent spectator until acknowledged

Remember those horror movies when you think you have seen something under the bed and you decide to investigate? The first time around there isn’t anything. But then you hear a tap and when you look again, a monstrous looking creature slowly creeps out of the dark shadows and says “Hello”! Well, yes, that is exactly how stress could be described.

It gains momentum as soon as it is fed with the ultimate ingredient of fear. Your face begins to lose its radiance, your smile surfaces sparingly, and you start second guessing every decision you make. No matter how much you fight it, stress creates a very appealing tree house on the roof of your head and lays the foundation for its humble abode.

Save yourself, unleash the jar of laughs

Giggle, chuckle, guffaw. Snicker a little. But no matter how stressed you feel, every once in a while, live a little. The therapy is economical and easy to adopt. Still wondering? Well, simply Laugh Out Loud!

Dr. Scott Weems, a cognitive neuroscientist in his book ‘Ha! The Science of When We Laugh and Why’ argues how ‘humor arises from inner conflict within our brain and is part of a larger desire to comprehend a complex world’.

Did you know that stress can lead to strokes at the most unimaginable times? Now you feel it, now you’re gone! Oops! But fear not for the remedy is equally impromptu! Because according to Huffington Post ‘Laughing can cause your body to produce natural painkillers and relieve pain caused by muscle disorders’.

What’s it got to do with stand up comedy?

Where else can you find a stock of ready-made laughter inducing mechanism? That moment when you have been staring at your screen for far too long, take a quick ten-minute break, log in to YouTube (From your personal account obviously!) and watch Mr. Bean! Finishing off early from work? Grab a couple of your colleagues and go watch a stand up comedy show live! One of the top three employee engagement ideas that often comes up during employee engagement surveys. It really is the best workout for the mind, body, and soul!

Studies have proven that visual stimulations last longer the auditory. Especially if you have just walked out of a live comedy show, have discussed it all the way back home, dissected it over dinner, had a running commentary in your mind while brushing, texted your folks about what a great investment it was, and have gone to bed with a flashback of a funny scene in your mind! The next day will definitely be brighter, even if it is a Monday!

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” ― Charles Dickens  

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