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Bid Farewell to Monday Morning Blues

“I don’t like Monday mornings, or people who like Monday mornings. Or Mondays or Mornings or People.” Is that the mood you woke up to this morning? Waking up on a mundane Monday after a lazy well-spent weekend is definitely not easy. Here’s how you can change those Monday morning blues to colourful hues with a bunch of like-minded colleagues.

  1. Monday Meditation/ Music – Spending a few minutes in solitude can help you gather your thoughts and calm yourself. This five minute ritual will help you sail through the day effortlessly. A calm mind equals to work done and keeps you energised for the day ahead. Create a collection of your favourite soundtracks to listen to on the way to work. It will surely pep up your mood and set you on the cheery way. Exchanging your playlists and sharing the music with colleagues will help you feel more relaxed. You could also play some peppy music and have everyone doing their favourite moves for five minutes.
  2. Monday Meal – Starting out your day with your much preferred food is definitely a way to look forward to Monday mornings. A hearty breakfast and packing something for your lunch would also save you from the office mess’ mess. Along with your colleagues, you can re-invent the Sunday brunch concept to shoo away the Monday mood to begin the week on a livelier note and a fuller stomach.
  3. Book a Book– If you are an avid reader, then what better way to kick start your week than with a fresh tale. The suspense of a new tale is going to get you hooked to Mondays. You’ll surely be booked for those lunch breaks and long hours of commute. Getting your reader buddies on a Monday Read Day project and sharing those lovely thoughts of ink would be any reader’s delight. That’s one of the perks of having friends a work who share your interests.
  4. Drama at Desk– Personalizing your work space with things that you fancy and adapting it according to your taste turns it into your home away from home. Finding objects and quirky quotes to enliven your cubicle will make you want to get back to it. Start a note epidemic. Write funny things or adopt a funny accent to greet your colleagues to lighten the mood and make your workplace whistle and cackle.
  5. Spot for Sport – For all those sports enthusiasts, turn a part of your Monday into a sports session. A bunch of sports loving folk can have inter – department tournaments to get off those chairs and get the ball rolling. The Mondays can be varied from impromptu football matches to cricket or badminton or simply the favourite childhood game of Tag. The running, giggling and the playful competition will surely turn around the mundane Monday in to a magical one.

These tips along with a pot of chocolate mousse could stir away the Monday morning blues! It won’t be long before you start saying, “THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY”!!

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