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November 13, 2017 Comments Off on Top Employee Engagement Blogs on the Web | Feedspot Views: 318 In The News

Top Employee Engagement Blogs on the Web | Feedspot

The world is a funny place and the workplace, a tiny pawn in the rat race. On one hand, there are times when you get bombarded by deliverables and deadlines. But then the scale of work integration balances itself and on the other hand, there are days when good news and recognition randomly surprise you. There are times when you are not sure if you are doing the right thing or if you deserve a pat on your back as a company. But somebody out there is keeping track.

One such day, was when the Never Grow Up blog featured at #6 on the Feedspot list of Top 40 Employee Engagement Blogs on the web. The ranking was on the basis of Google reputation and search ranking, Influence and popularity on Facebook and other social media sites, quality and consistence of posts and expert reviews by Feedspot’s editorial team.

The Never Grow Up blog is an amalgamation of our thoughts and our ‘kung-fu’ to drive happiness at work. We’ve nurtured these ideas since the day we were born and so this shortlist came up as a pleasant surprise! We of course credit this to our team and client support.

Happy reading and Never Grow Up.

Decoding Happyness At Work” – A humble attempt to share our thoughts around life at work, this book is a compilation of some of our best blogs. Drop in a mail on [email protected] and grab a copy of the book.

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