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The Miracle of Autonomy at Work


June 27, 2016 Comments Off on Types of Bosses: The Good, the Bad and the “Crazy” Views: 513 Leadership

Types of Bosses: The Good, the Bad and the “Crazy”

You are the boss. And a crown is upon you. Don’t you [sometimes] have this craving to pack up your bags and simply disappear for a couple of days? But how can you when all you can think of is ‘work’? Or whether your team is working efficiently? Or if your office has burnt down while you party somewhere! Your team member can call in sick any moment. Can you? Really? Call it a consistent side effect to being the boss.

Listen & Solve.

Studies show that managers spend 45 to 50% of their time in a day listening. And this is a 24X7X365 day assignment. You are the decision maker, the giver of  career advice, the face of the organization to your team. Your actions are judged, you are appraised every day, you are the problem solver and if you run a small business, the ATM too. So, here’s to bosses around the world.

Obligation to dissent.

Your employees have the enthusiasm, but you have experience and a sound knowledge about the importance of job satisfaction. Your team comes up with a peppy idea while the one that appeals to the client is usually a subtle sober ‘safe’ concept. Enter the dilemma to take a stand and keep everybody happy. You discuss, debate, argue and then pick something on neutral grounds and call it an experiment.

Closing deals.

When your presence itself is enough to convince the client of handing over the project and at the same time you are in the midst of another pitch. Evaluating priorities and giving preferences. Phew! Nothing less than accomplishing a feat!

Making life saving decisions.

Mr. A: ‘What quotation should we put up?’ – ‘Whatever the boss says.’
Mr. B : ‘What campaign should we finalize?’ – ‘Whatever the boss approves.’

Mr. C : ‘Should we print the invites or simply send out emails?’ – ‘Whatever the boss feels appropriate.’

Office décor.

Oh! Yes! How do you want your organization to be perceived is a reflection of the way you choose the environment to be in. Everybody will enthusiastically pitch in ideas, but you have to take the final call and that can be tricky! After all, it’s not about a one-day employee engagement activity. You have to walk into that to-be-decorated space for a long time.

Obsessively an O.C.D.

When a spic and span work desk is your weakness, a spotlessly shining floor is your tranquility and you simply cannot stand a single corner of dust – may the almighty have mercy on thee. Although the house keeping does a marvelous job, there is bound to be waste generated during the day.

Playing referee.

With the variety of EQ in the room, there is definitely going to be a clash in opinions. Finding a solution can become a bit tedious. And at times when the situation gets serious, you need to be at your convincing best for bringing the war to a subdued state.

Paying the bills.

After settling your personal accounts you have to look after the administrative tasks at work as well. Rent, Electricity, Telephone and many more. You have at least ten accounts and ten passwords to remember and there is more money going out than ROI generated. Being the authorized signatory when you yourself do not take home a bonus? *Sob! Sob!*

Is there an alternative to make things happening while upholding the company culture? Yes! There is. It’s called setting priorities. These moments may seem to be unavoidable situations but at the end of the day when you receive a ‘thank you’ from your team for being their pillar of strength and you find your people giving it their 200% every quarter, what more can you ask for? Happiness.

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