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Disconnecting to Reconnect

Aren’t we all a little obsessed with technology? We all feel a little lost without our phones. Staying away from the laptop might even make us feel like we’ve lost a limb. It is almost like we have forgotten that we existed and functioned perfectly well without so many apps on our phone. The primary reason for the invention of internet and a cell phone is long forgotten. Certain things have become essentials and surpassed their true purpose.

Life just seems a little bit impossible without the internet. Don’t believe us? Just note how you feel the next time you accidentally forget your phone in the car or at home.  It will be a mixture of panic, irritation, and worry. Indicating an obsessive liking or a mild technology addiction. That breakup might have been difficult and this one won’t be easy either.

At this point you might be wondering, why would anyone want to break up with technology? Consider this. What if you could get more out of your devices and their features if you could disconnect for just a while? A little separation can do wonders for your relationship when it comes to the internet.

Regaining Energy, Increasing Productivity

We find ourselves shuffling between tabs and screens all the time. Whether it is the laptop or mobile phone, we are always multitasking. In an attempt to do everything simultaneously, we spend a lot of energy. The possibility of making mistakes and spending time redoing and rechecking things increases when we are trying to do everything together and dividing our attention amongst things.

The chat that just pinged in the background while you were reading this? It could wait a minute till you finish this article without interrupting your train of thought and reading speed. Same applies to your leisure time. If you are checking your messages throughout the movie, are you really watching the movie? Take a pause, be committed to the task at hand and be in the moment.

The Comfort Of Connection

One of the factors that drew us toward social media was the ability to reconnect with long lost connections and friends. The ten-year reunion turned into a group chat. Everyone knew what everyone else was doing, all the time. The connection that brought joy and happiness started to become an irritation and creating the feeling of FOMO.

We quickly fell into the trap of perfection and instant gratification. Likes, hearts and follows became our new drug. It was no longer the connection that we craved. It slowly moved to becoming social media addiction. Just as you would not meet the same set of friends every single day to catch up over coffee, don’t obsessively follow people’s lives on social media either. Let their lives be a point of discussion when you meet them the next time or catch up with them over a chat.

Use these digital tools to enjoy the comfort of connecting with people by disconnecting and reconnecting periodically. Skip all the negative emotions and choose to foster positive relationships.

Creating Nostalgia

We spend a huge amount of time collecting moments on social media, broadcasting them for our friends and family to see. Booking tickets is no longer the first step in planning a vacation. Our generation spends hours and hours researching destinations, finding deals and reading travel guides.

Once we reach the destination, our vacation time revolves around check-ins, stories and posts. While it is great to store memories and share them with people, it is even more important to be in the moments and enjoy them to the fullest first.

Remember when everyone got together to revisit memories when the camera rolls came back from the printers? Our memories became extra special in retrospect. Though we don’t have to wait anymore, keep the pictures and videos for the time when you can actually appreciate beauty of it. Wait to post them till you are back, give yourself the chance to do justice to both – the moment and the memory.

These are just three ways to make things extraordinary by pausing and unplugging for a while. Want to know more such ways? Join us at Unpluggd by Never Grow Up ® and find some insightful answers.

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