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November 29, 2017 Comments Off on Unpluggd Imparts The Wisdom Of Being Technologically Dependent | Views: 695 Life At Work

Unpluggd Imparts The Wisdom Of Being Technologically Dependent |

‘Unplugging’ is not merely an effort, but a process and a journey in itself. In a fast paced digitally empowered world, the only way to maintain a healthy balance would be to occasionally embrace a digital detox – or more often than once, learning to Unplug.

The morning of November 02, 2017 witnessed one such revolution. From beginning your day without a phone, to not being able to stare at a screen of any sort and from letting go of inhibitions amidst strangers, to experiencing a momentary death, only to come back more alive and healthier than ever. ‘Unpluggd’ – A full day workshop powered by Never Grow Up that took place at the 91 Springboard, Lower Parel taught the participants how to more than just ‘let go’.

Never Grow Up is an Employee Engagement firm that believes in the concept of integrating ‘fun at work’ and partners with Human Resources teams and Business Leaders to create a happy workplace and an admirable work culture. Asif Upadhye, Chief Fun Officer at Never Grow Up, and facilitator at Unpluggd shared, “Stress is a leading cause of problems among the workforce today. Research points towards the fact that almost 50% employees in India are under stress. These numbers are a glaring indication that something must change. Unpluggd is our way to help address this”.

An initiative addressing the need to break free from the shackles of the digitally dependent world that we all live in, Unpluggd is designed to be a unique, fun, experiential learning framework. Deeply rooted in theories, research and practical concepts from Psychology, Neuroscience, and Creativity, it is a conscious attempt to guide the sub-conscious mind.

Taking it one step further, the workshop’s participants were also provided with healthy nutritious food by Calorie Care, through a meal that nourished the brain and refueled energy for the second session. And a classic proof of the positive after effects of Unpluggd could be witnessed through the candids captured by the lens of The Fusion Films.

The power to unlock immense happiness lies within each individual, and one day of Unplugging takes you a lot closer to the treasure chest. Using a diverse set of mini-sessions and role-play based activities, Unpluggd reiterated the importance of communicating in person, being in the moment, living life to the fullest, and learning to manage stress.

The next edition of Unpluggd is due in January 2018.

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