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July 28, 2014 Comments Off on 5 Ways To Make Sure Your Work Life Balance Plan Works! Views: 469 Work Culture, Work Life Blend

5 Ways To Make Sure Your Work Life Balance Plan Works!

The wheel of life comes a full circle. We always seem to somehow have our work cut out for us. Juggling our professional life while paying attention to the requisites of our family, upholding our stature in the social circle while maintaining our physical well-being and being accountable for our actions, is nothing less than accomplishing a feat! Multi-tasking is great! But at the same time, it also has a high tendency to wear you down if you do not maintain a healthy balance between all the roles that you play. And yes, if done correctly, being sane at the end of the day is quite possible while also achieving employee satisfaction.

Here are five simple ways to make sure your Work Life balance plan does not waver.

#5 – Stop Procrastination

Thou shall avoid the temptation of putting off until tomorrow, the work that can be very strategically cleared off today. If you know that you have a presentation to make next week and you have a family function this week, why wait until it all accumulates?

#4 – ‘To Prove That’ Theory

What better way to discipline your lifestyle than to weigh the pros and cons in the form of a mathematical equation? Every task has an estimated ROI [yes we said that], be it personal or work related. Be stringent in adhering to the determination of balancing.

#3 – Be Positive Selectively

An optimistic attitude is the greatest attribute that one can possess. But if you happily and voluntarily oblige to every task that comes your way, you will definitely end up taking all your sick leaves at a stretch! Avoid over working, it’s easier said, but with appropriate measures it can be done.

#2 – Proceed Backwards

Plan your task keeping in mind the end result that you wish to achieve. Setting a measurable goal demands dedication to not compromise on the quality. Spend lesser time but do quality work that is bound to free up the space for personal recreation.

 #1 – Analyse Prioritize Strategize Compartmentalize Rationalize

Take a printout of a calendar, jot down your commitments, figure out what needs to be urgently ticked off from your to do list and think. How would you avoid clashes in the above two worlds and yet manage to make some time for yourself? What do you need to do to get results and how much time would it take?

At the end of a tiring day, when you have had to go through a stressful meeting at work and had to live up to the expectations of joining your family for a nice and lovely dinner, when you lay your head on the pillow, all you wish is to be embraced by sleep, coaxing your brain to finally taking a nap, leaving a smile of satisfaction on your face. Wishing that you are able to wake up the next morning to face yet another challenging day and being able to breeze through it in just another perfect way!

Besides, the trick is to love what you do and have fun at work, that way you don’t really have to work! In addition to this, encourage the human resource and staff management to host employee engagement activities and workshops for the entire company.

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