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6 Creative Ways to Implement New Policies

6 Creative Ways to Implement New Policies by Never Grow Up®

Policies are a part and parcel of any workplace. But who follows them? Moreover, do the few individuals who actually follow these policies really understand why they do what they do? Implementing new policies in a way that employees can relate to them is often looked upon as an ordeal. However, with the right policies and the right kind of internal communications strategy, your company policies have the chance to become much more than just words on paper.

So, we have compiled for you six fun ways to implement new policies effectively that also include activities for team building:


Keep your employees well informed. Include them right from the beginning. Taking their ideas and opinions will keep them in the loop and save you time in explaining things in detail later. Getting their ideas and feedback will not only make them feel values but also make you realize which policies make sense and which ones don’t. By having activities for team building, introverts are also included, making it a smooth process for them to express themselves and voice their opinions.

Buzzwords, mnemonics or acronyms

Make it fun. Create mnemonics or buzzwords which sum up or are symbolic of some protocol that everyone should be following. For instance, the most commonly used acronym is SWOT analysis in all organizations. This not only makes it easier to remember but you could also build a certain level of hype about it.

Celebrate the little milestones

Acknowledge those who have found it harder to adopt or adhere to some rules. Especially the ones who suffer to make it on time or have issues of time management. Celebrate with them and hone their efforts. Team celebrations are a huge morale booster. Make a mark on the wall or pin a post it for everyone to applaud the tiny victories. Indulge in a few corporate gifting ideas that cheer up your employees on a dull day or serve as rewards for an accomplishment.

Happy Hour

Devote an hour during the week where people can take a break from all the rules and dedicate some time to indulge in something they love. Some skill that they can work on or read or simply take a nap. This one hour of rule-breaking will prevent them from bottling any issues they may have with the policies in general. Fun employee activities can be a productive way to vent and move away from office politics.

Reinforce the fun way

The new policies can be summed up as little bullet points and pinned to each person’s work station. Fun quotes which convey the rules can be painted on the walls for a gentle reminder and also serve as décor for the workplace. Putting out placards in the alley or catchy one liners will help in reinforcing as well. Another creative way of is by incorporating the new policies into fun employee activities.

Let them hammer it their style

Give your employees the opportunity to internalize the policies at their own pace and in their own style. While a content writer could possibly have it down in a rhyme at his/her desk whereas the designer can remember it by making stick figures or caricatures for the same. There would be those who would possibly love to read the entire policy document cover to cover (Note: having a thick policy book does not equate to better implementation). The movie buff may find motivation through his/her favourite character. For instance, a quirky poster on Spiderman’s quote about responsibility might help!

Workplaces are a representation and an echo of each individual’s values and approach to life. There exists a bigger picture that serves as the backdrop. The employees are woven into this bigger canvas through rules and policies. One can always seek advice from HR consultants on finding the perfect fit, talent management and polishing each employee for mutual progress as it is the key to a happy workplace.

Do you have any other creative ideas in mind to implement new policies? Write in at

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