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Is Your Team Secretly Crying for Help? Pulse Surveys Will Help Figure It Out

Is Your Team Secretly Crying for Help Pulse Surveys Will Help Figure It Out by Never Grow Up®

Ignorance is bliss, but only until it’s too late to solve the problem. Like when there are teams to be handled at the workplace, it’s important to be vigilant. That way, you’ll be able to see any signs that indicate a tense situation within the team. These problems may not be too stressful, but it’s better to nip them in the bud with the help of frequent employee pulse surveys.

While employees are the medium through which client problems are solved and work gets done, they can function glitch-free only when they have a support system – their team leaders. A good support system doesn’t only mean being there for the team when needed. But, it’s about identifying these needs beforehand. Many times, employees face more challenges than expected but they don’t speak up. Or even if they do, sometimes these problems get sidelined while dealing with other work commitments. 

But, a responsible leader, and/or a reputed organisation must not let such problems linger. Something that seems small right now, can bloat into something huge later and that only means under productivity at the workplace. Your team may not come to you with their problems, but there will always be signs that show they’re in need of help. Whether work related or personal, leaders must recognise and address employees’ concerns with the help of the internal communications team. 

Identifying These Concerns

While the overall work environment may not point you towards the exact problem, it is enough to showcase a positive or negative vibe. It’s possible that employees seem more unhappy than they’ve ever been before, and their productivity has gone down. Maybe there’s too much gossip, and team members can be seen bickering amongst themselves. At the same time, it seems like there is a lack of motivation and attrition rate has increased. All this is not unusual especially if employees are burdened with too much work, or are being exposed to unfair work practices. If these problems are not addressed, teams can fall apart and this could be the challenge that keeps business from succeeding. While some problems are easily noticeable, others may be a little too complicated. Moreover, they can be difficult to keep track of constantly. Here, tools like employee pulse surveys are of great help.

Pulse Surveys For The Win

They equip organisations to understand what employees are feeling, or thinking in the real time. At the same time, these pulse surveys provide employees with a platform to give feedback and make themselves heard. With the help of this employee listening tools, organisations can check in on their workforce more frequently, and effectively. Given that this survey is short, it’s also quite engaging and measures just about anything according to the organisation’s priorities. With this tool not only can organisations help employees deal with their problems, but also develop action plans in line with their goals. 

Addressing Workplace Problems

Once these issues are identified, the next step is to address them. If left unresolved, no employee listening exercise will be of any help. Employees will be left alone to figure things out and this can prove to be harmful for the organisation. Teams might see added negativity, and employee retention will suffer. Hence, working towards a solution is truly crucial. 

Host regular town halls to keep the workforce informed with strong plans made by the internal communications team. Not only will this address problems, but also leave no room for discrepancies in the future with clear cut communication. Newsletters or emails stating true scenarios will build trust and help employees be clear about their roles. Build a platform where employees can raise their concerns – anonymously if they want to. Moreover, it’s important that the internal communications team trains leaders/managers so their team members feel comfortable sharing grievances. 

Feedback And Proactiveness – Formula For a Happier Team

Employee feedback is important to instill a sense of belonging but it’s also important to share what leaders think about the issue. There should be an exchange of feedback and thoughts as most problems get solved with mere conversations. Although, acting on this feedback proactively is the key. Proactivity and quick responsiveness leave less room for more problems to emerge and will be the emotional support system employees need at the workplace.

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