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Inclusion at the workplace is trickier in practice. While much is said and done to foster diversity, what most of the companies forget is that diversity and inclusion go hand in hand. You cannot be inclusive without diversity and all your efforts to get the best out of your diverse workforce will be in vain, if not for your inclusive practices.

Make a start

Even organizations that are aware and trying to build a better workplace often overlook planning initiatives and restructuring the physical environment for employees with disabilities. Even simple adjustments like designing the office with colors in higher contrast will support visually challenged. Small infrastructural upgrades like constructing ramps, wide doorways, accessible handlebars etc make the experience better and the positive effects of it reflect in their work. MakeMyTrip has reconfigured workstations, Loreal is reportedly working on automatic doors and like them, there are others who are setting an example for other organizations to follow and become disability-friendly.

The tech way

Now, with the use of AI in assistive tools, disability tech is only getting better and organizations should be embracing technology to make an inclusive workplace for their employees. The idea is to remove barriers and make work and everything associated with it, accessible to all. Top tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google are ahead with designing products for people with disabilities, therefore the tools and technologies to support and assist them exist. Organizations should make a conscious effort to learn about them and start using them at their workplace.

As we write this, most of the companies are working out of their homes. Technology has certainly equipped us to take our work out of an office environment, made communication more digital but most importantly, it has the ability to bridge the opportunity gap between people with and without disabilities. Continuing in the same vein of inclusion, we are now happy to say that now all the articles on our blog are equipped with voice technology so that anyone and everyone can have access to our written content.


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