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Life At Work – Using Humour to Battle Stress

Life At Work Using Humour to Battle Stress by Never Grow Up®

Stop biting your nails, dab the sweat on your forehead! Stop marching around, just sit down and relax for a while. Staring at the desktop and pulling at your hair will not help resolve any issues. Neither will it alleviate the stress that you’re under. When work wrecks your brain, a few jokes here and there can really help relieve some pressure. Smile, it has great relaxing powers! Ease yourself, distress and then re-think. You will surely find the solution to your problem. Then life at work won’t seem that exhausting.

One of the major reasons that low productivity at the workplace arises, is a dull and non-motivating atmosphere. The outcome – frustrated employees and a laid back attitude, that not only stagnates individual career opportunities but also the overall growth of the company. When the work atmosphere fails to motivate, employees find it extremely difficult to cope up with the challenges. The resultant – stress.

Happy employees give their hundred percent at work, hence improving the company’s retention rates. Communications between co-workers improve, trust and integrity is built; and a work culture that gives employees the freedom to think and act, is a breeding ground for creativity and innovation.

If employees are happy, they do well in whatever task they are handling, be it in sales, customer services, logistics or even HR. Thus, the company performs well as a whole. Humor helps as it the easiest weapon that can battle stress levels at work. It boosts morale, engages employees and motivates them to keep going. In short, fun at work not only helps reduce conflict, but also increases productivity.

Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors in the world, and, one of the world’s richest men, has developed a tradition of playing his ukulele at the start of board meetings, while singing along in a voice that sounds a lot like Jimmy Stewart. The fact that he is not in tune does not bother him. He says he never minds looking ridiculous and more so when he is buying shares. This reinforces the belief that one can be serious about the job without being solemn about it.

People’s morale increases when they give themselves permission to laugh. This goes against the established belief that people who are enjoying themselves cannot work diligently. Different surveys over the years have shown that it is a fact – a few light-hearted jokes during a monotonous meeting, act as a comic relief, especially if backed by a senior colleague. When you combine a powerful message with relevant ideas in a fun, dynamic and memorable way, it goes down very well with employees and such presentations have the best impact.

When in stress, talk it out with your manager. Employers, employees and co-workers, both should keep in mind that it is extremely crucial to keep the doors open for any kind of conversation or discussion. Companies should take some initiatives to help employees manage their stress levels. Lunch hours can be made interesting and enjoyable. Employees can keep something amusing on their work-tables which would spread a smile when in stress and anxiety, a simple smiley sticker, a magnet or even a family photograph on the desk can work wonders. Periodical events and outings are terrific stress busters. If possible, a company dinner with family members can be great too.

Do not bring work or any work-related tensions home. At times it becomes unavoidable but as far as possible, try and keep the two poles apart. Else, neither will you be able to concentrate on work, nor spend quality time with your loved ones. If over working is becoming a routine for you, you seriously need to re-think and plan out your days better.

Having a job that is enjoyable is definitely worth holding onto. Employees are more likely to accept the ownership of their everyday duties, and be much more inclined to go that extra mile and do whatever it takes to accomplish the tasks assigned to them, if they are content at their workplace and are dealing better with stress. It is very important to take one’s job seriously; but only as long as one takes oneself lightly. Because ultimately, a happy worker is a productive worker.

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