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Don’t Apply To ‘That’ Job Posting on LinkedIn!

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Not just yet!

It would be fair to say that this post is inspired by real life incidents and the thought to penning this down came when we announced a LinkedIn job posting last month. That is when we realized what was going wrong! First, we thought it was the targeting, then we looked closer only to realize one thing: LinkedIn was not at fault.

But then who is? Why are you not getting a call back from the last company you applied to? Confused? The answer, lies within. If there is one thing that can determine a great career path it is this: Look before you leap! Here are a few pointers you could use [considering you are looking for your next job on LinkedIn]

Read the job description. Now read it again!

A lot of people apply to a job only after looking at the first line or few words in the job description. Who me? Yes! So if you think you’ve read the job description, read it again and ask yourself if this job is really for you? Note: Business Development is different from Marketing and so is marketing different from sales. Be clear about what role interests you and whether that job description in HRM matches the kind of job you’re looking for.

Understand the company culture

Go beyond the description. Look up the website, read the company blog, look for announcements, try to find out what’s the life at work. See if this company you are about to apply to is the kind of place you would like to work with. After all, the role of the new age employee has evolved into a work anytime, from anywhere, focussed on output and create your own ladder type.

1.5 years is not equal to 15!

If a company wanted to hire a person with 15 years of experience, they would say so. So if you are a VP, don’t apply for a ‘fresher’ position. Unless of course you believe that money ain’t important and you really want less responsibility. There is nothing smart about ‘simply applying’ hoping that there may be other openings.

Get your act together!

Before you apply to that job, clean up your profile, summary and all other details. What’s the point in presenting an outdated version of yourself to a prospective employer? Eh?

Do this and by all means, go ahead and apply to that job !


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