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Office Pranks You Can Try to Make Work Fun!

Office Pranks You Can Try to Make Work Fun by Never Grow Up®

Office pranks are fun provided you don’t take them too far. Better still, don’t get caught doing them! Consider the worst-case scenario. After all, who needs a job right? Moreover, all you need at times is a breather that allows you to laugh out loud and cut through the monotony of deadlines, deliverables and doom! Break the mood by spreading happiness at work. Here are some simple and cool office pranks you can play to have some fun at work:

  1. Fill in the water cooler machine with beer instead of water! (Yeah, you’d like that! This is guaranteed to make work fun, right?)
  2. Shrink wrap chairs and computers on your colleague’s desk. Better still, shrink wrap everything! (Try this with your boss if you are about to quit)
  3. Send a fake love note to a co-worker from another co-worker.
  4. Fake your resignation! (Keep your fingers crossed because heaven help if you are taken seriously)
  5. Start every sentence with a ‘Wah Taj’ for the whole day and when someone asks, tell them it’s prescribed by a doctor. Make a dummy prescription as well.
  6. Place a sign on the restroom door that reads,”The company ran out of toilet paper and soap; please use your own resources.”
  7. Make tiny holes in all the paper cups next to the coffee machine.
  8. Cover toilet seats with cling film. This has a very high chance of getting you in trouble. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
  9. In the office parking lot, tie a huge ribbon around your boss’s car and keep a board next to it with another colleague’s name and plant a placard stating “Lucky prize winner in a local pie/panipuri eating contest! Collect your car keys from desk number @#$%!” Now send out a mail to everyone about this!! He he eh?!
  10. Glue all the office stationary on a colleague’s desk using double-sided tape!

Remember! Don’t you give us a bad name by getting caught!

Have you played any crazy office prank? We’d love to hear all about it and share a laugh. Write to us at

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