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Perfect Employee, But Only Before Appraisals?

Perfect Employee, But Only Before Appraisals by Never Grow Up®

Well, we are currently in the appraisal season. As with all appraisals every year, the story repeats – productivity levels go high, quality of work increases and everyone would score a ten when it comes to work ethics.

But, let’s take a moment and think about why this practice of being our best self should not be limited to the appraisal season. Imagine, how much more we can get done, as individuals and as teams if we continue to work with the same standards throughout the year.

Here are a few things employees do during appraisals but ideally should be doing post that too.

Transparency in communication

From follow-ups to giving information, employees are quick to deliver and become more prompt during appraisals. But, transparent communication should be a non-negotiable part of the work-life. Effective communication is key when working with people and transparency plays a huge role in it. It helps you build trust and through open and honest communication, you can avoid issues that may crop up at work. There exist some expectations at the workplace, by virtue of you being a part of an organization and when they are met or exceeded consistently, it builds a sense of trust between you and your peers. They’ll know that you are capable of shouldering responsibilities and will entrust you with tasks.

Taking initiatives

It’s easy to stand in front of the line with an agenda of better appraisals but it would benefit you in the long term if you actively volunteer or take up projects often. Do not wait for opportunities, rather go ahead and talk to your superiors to make things happen. Heading projects will help you hone your leadership and project management skills. You cannot be proactive without having an eye on the future and being proactive makes you better prepared for it. A proactive approach not just helps you get ahead at the workplace, it will transform other aspects of your life too.

Seeking consistent feedback

More often than not, employees actively seek reviews and feedback on their work as soon as they see appraisals approaching. Asking for feedback should be a part of how you work because they are important for continuous learning and improvement. Getting your work assessed also shows that you are a keen learner, ready to work on your weaknesses. Make a practice of getting feedback and let the reviews motivate you to do better. Yes, there’ll be deadlines to chase and projects to complete but amidst them lie endless opportunities to learn and grow. Through feedback and asking questions, you set yourself up on the path of being better at work. When you know your strengths and weaknesses, only then you can take steps to strengthen or eliminate them.

Collaborating with peers 

While employees are busy thinking of ways to show how much of a team player they are, they cannot deny the many benefits of collaborative work. Working with your peers, each with their reservoir of unique life experiences and skills leads to great results. Apart from learning new things from each other, working together allows you to go beyond your capabilities to work on challenging tasks. From faster problem-solving to better outcomes through group discussions and brainstorming, the benefits of collaboration are immense.

Asking questions

In your eagerness to prove that you are interested in the task, you ask questions. But did you know, it’s one of the simplest ways to quickly clear your doubts? Asking questions at the workplace is a direct and clear indication of willingness to learn more. Do not underestimate the act of asking. This humble practice has led to people coming up with innovative ideas and has even led to scientific breakthroughs!

Most of the employees are guilty of waking up during appraisals in the hopes that the manager will notice how invested they are in their work. A conscious effort to continue being the best self at work even after appraisals can help not only in working more efficiently but also in forming meaningful relationships that enrich both, work and life.

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