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9 Ways To Prepare For Your First Day At Work!

9 Ways To Prepare For Your First Day At Work by Never Grow Up®

Your First day of stepping into a job is pretty much like the first day of school; just with a bit more formality and a sense of pride. Befriending colleagues on the first day can be quite a task, but effective none the less.  Being nervous is natural, it is good in fact. It is a sign that you are looking forward to your new job. But just to be on the safer side, here are ten tips that could come in handy to prepare for your first work day.

#9 – Re-look at your wardrobe.

Back in your college days, you could simply wake up in the morning, grab a pair of unwashed jeans, compliment it with a crumpled tee and it could still ‘look’ appropriate. But today, if you have one crease on your shirt, it could mean that you are lazy, and that for a fresher is a strict no-no!

#8 – Pack in advance.

From sorting out what clothes to wear, deciding what bag will be practical to carry, or weighing options of what to take for lunch, every choice counts. Make provisions to complete the task before hand; punctuality speaks volume. Being an early comer and an on-time departer adds to the impression, it shows your commitment towards work.

#7 – Build an acquaintance with the organization.

Remember what got you the job in the first place. It was you being proactive. Read up a bit about the company, its origin, new clientele, mentions in the media et. all. It pays to be informed. What if you were introduced to someone in Senior management as part of your orientation and you needed a conversation starter, eh?

#6 – Give your phone some rest.

Quit being in the mode of ‘separation anxiety’. Messages can wait, if there is something urgent you will receive a call. Continuously fidgeting with your phone is a sign of restlessness and chatting during interactions with colleagues is considered rude.

#5 – Listen n Observe.

You need to cultivate patience; to wait, watch, absorb and then respond. Try to put off being ‘Mr-Know-It-All’ and control the urge to voice your opinion unless asked for [to being with for your first day], especially if you do not have any knowledge and there are two seniors deep in a conversation.

#4 – Be inspiringly positive.

Be grateful, not just in your verbal interactions but also thank everybody who helped you out. It’s not necessary to keep a smile plastered to your face but be interactive. Do not say you ‘cannot do’ something because you haven’t even taken up a project yet. If asked to participate in a few fun employee activities, don’t hesitate. Just jump right in!

#3 – Ask questions.

The biggest mistake one can do is to silently and dumbly follow without knowing why! If you have any queries, make a list and find a person who would be suitable to address them. Do not hold back and hesitate because if you do not understand the concept, you will be absolutely blank while executing in the future. Whether it is about talent management, employee engagement strategy or employer branding, do ask. Knowing of the wellness program available to the employees is as important as knowing of their people management strategy. Inquire about their internal communications strategy as well as this can ell you a lot about their people management skills.

#2 – Be social.

If a fellow colleague steps up to you and introduces himself, be polite. If you are eating alone and somebody approaches you to share lunch, don’t act all high and mighty. If you are invited to be a part of fun employee activities or a wellness program, be a sport and join them.

#1 – Create a checklist.

It’s wise to have a ‘To Do’ list. Do a final mental check if you have carried your wallet, your keys, your ID card. Being organized will help soothe the nerves and even prevent cold feet.

The first week of a new job is extremely crucial, you tend to get judged for everything. People are still forming opinions and one wrong move can acquire you a label you don’t really need. But then, there is the last tip: Be yourself. It’s what got you the job in the first place.

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