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Remote Hiring: What Works, What Needs To Improve

Remote Hiring What Works, What Needs To Improve by Never Grow Up®

In the last couple of years, telecommuting has witnessed a spike. Start-ups and smaller organizations are branching out into co-working spaces to allow employees the flexibility of working from their preferred locations. This not only saves on investing in rigid infrastructure, but also keeps the productivity levels higher. Given the current situation, that very co-working space is our homes!

According to a Global Workplace Analytics survey comprising of 3000 employees, 72% said that they have the resources to work more efficiently from home – A comfortable workspace, the appropriate amenities, the convenience. All they need is the support in terms of company authorized tools and training.

Adapting To The New Normal In Every Aspect

A Times Of India report states that India topped the list of downloading the Zoom app (18%) as compared to the US (14%) in April 2020 with a close to 131 million installations. While video conferencing is the new ‘in-thing’ for staying connected, it has tremendously benefitted organizations in aiding the hiring process.

In the recent times, remote interviewing through video conferencing has gained popularity and emerged as the most logical solution to accelerate the hiring practices. Be it through Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or MS Teams – It’s equally interactive and is the next best thing to a one-on-one interview. Some of the known names that have been hiring remote workers are – Adobe, Amazon, Shopify, Twitter, Slack, American Express.

An Integration Between The Physical And Digital World

Since talent consulting has adorned a virtual persona, companies are also investing in AI driven pre-screening tools and remote recruiting software that provide comprehensive analytics based on the information entered by the candidates. Video conferencing allows the employer and the potential employee to meet with each other in a virtually safe environment.

However, one of the primary essentials in such a scenario (apart from a high-speed internet facility) is to script out the interview questions. Candidates take the remote interview process very seriously and interviewers must also respect as well as reciprocate with being present in a formal (at least semi-formal) attire. This helps set the tone of the interview. Additionally, maintaining direct eye contact helps put the candidate at ease.

A Quest For The Right Cultural Fit

Mobile and dynamic, remote working has enabled companies to ensure continued business success. About a decade ago, remote hiring was limited to the field of telemarketing. Today, with companies across industries prioritizing the safety of their employees and choosing to work remotely; hiring for full-time positions for remote workers has also become widely acceptable.

A clear communication and a transparent job requirement always helps. If you are looking to hire a specific personality type, outline the basic KRA aligned with your values and culture, but in a remote working situation. Thus, making it easier for the candidates to self-assess if they fit in. Most companies are on the lookout for candidates that will be a natural fit into their existing workplace culture – a balance of the right attitude as a team player, as well as the apt skills for the job. A group of interviewers believe in analysing a candidate’s social media profiles to gauge their adaptability skills. Instead, simply asking the candidate to undertake a pre-employment assessment test will give you a glimpse of how they think.

Think Long-Term But Do It Right

Some companies prefer taking multiple rounds of interviews that gives them more time to interact with the candidates. It can be justified as the workforce hired currently will be inducted into your organization amidst different circumstances. However, when things do normalize and work begins as usual, the hired candidate must be able to sustain when physically interacting with the team.

Ask the right questions that will help you understand the candidate’s situation and decide whether they can weather it out in the long run, as well.

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